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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Will the msm pay as much attention to TPP Police boasting to US Embassy as they did to so called protestor violence?

Well, well, well. What do we have here then?

Remember how the underfunded news media of NZ couldn't find a journalist to cover the TPP protest on Saturday and only turned up once the Police had called in reinforcements so the only images the msm had were the supposed 'violence' caused by the protestors?

Remember how none of the media caught the beginning of the violence when it was the Police who started attacking protestors?

Remember how the msm ignored all that to paint the protestors out as the initiators of violence on Saturday?

Well, I wonder if our msm will pay as much attention to this - an overheard, recorded conversation where a NZ senior police officer boasts how happy the US Embassy was with their actions...

Press Release: 
Global Peace and Justice Auckland has obtained a recording of a senior police officer reporting by phone to a superior after last Saturday’s TPP protest –

“In terms of the feedback on the ground from those involved at the American Embassy and the guy who was in charge of the negotiations (inaudible) and so on they were all extremely happy with the police at the time and so there is no issue with comeback”

...as Global Peace and Justice Auckland point out...

The recording was made early Saturday evening in the public waiting area at the Auckland police watch house after the protest against the TPP negotiations that afternoon. The senior sergeant was in an adjoining room speaking loudly on the phone.

The recording was started after the officer was overheard boasting that an officer had hit John Minto in the eye during the protest. (We have witnesses who heard this although it’s not on the attached recording)

However the tape raises serious questions about the police role at the TPP –

• Why do police see themselves as particularly accountable to the US embassy?
• Why are the police dealing directly with the US Embassy rather than via Foreign Affairs for example?

...I wonder if the msm who were so quick to swallow the Police story of protestor violence on Saturday will exert the same media pressure to ask why the NZ Police are making themselves accountable to the US embassy?

It seems the TPP won't just rob us of political sovereignty, it also looks like it means the NZ Police will also answer to Washington.

Perhaps the Dotcom farce is just a taste of what being on the American leash under TPP will mean.



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