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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ruthless Labour's new purge of the blogs

The witch hunt by Labour of dissenting members posting on blogs has reached new heights of book burning. Irish Bill gave an inkling this week with a post on The Standard that a Labour Party MP was seeking to have punishments meted out to any member caught posting mean stuff about Shearer on the blogs. That was insane enough, but the purge is vastly more vicious and is actually underway.

It seems the administrators of Labour's official blog 'Red Alert' have leaked the identities of anonymous posters to the leadership so that they can be hunted down.

It looks like well known poster Colonial Viper has been outed by Red Alert and CV has posted on an open mike post on The Standard that they won't be posting again.

The censorship of members dissent in this manner is a new low by Labour post their character assassination of Cunliffe.

I didn't think anyone in the Party read blogs. How is having Red Alert leak details like this to fuel Labour's witch hunt going to help Labour when they want the left blogs to work with them in 2014?

I'm not sure this ruthless level of intimidation will do anything other than provoke a long running online guerrilla campaign by left wing activists savaging Shearer on a weekly basis all the way to the election.

It seems Shearer has replaced Pagani with a kamikaze pilot for a political advisor.

The only winners from this kind of behavior are the Greens and MANA.



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