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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On Planet Key there is no child poverty

On Planet Key there is no child poverty because all the children are forced to have jobs.

The impact of this poverty on those at the bottom is starting to permanently mutilate their futures now.

Key can't preach a hands off Government on the economy if he's being active in Welfare, so it's his usual shrug and I don't really care routine...

Crown cold on $2b plan to cut child poverty
A $2 billion Government overhaul, including more state homes and universal child support, is needed to fight child poverty, a report from the children's commissioner says.

Russell Wills' final report into child poverty has thrown the ball back to the Government, recommending 78 changes, including enshrining child welfare in law.

However, the Government has already poured cold water on the report, rejecting one big-ticket recommendation and emphasising tight finances.

The report paints a bleak picture of the 270,000 children living in poverty, many of whom regularly go hungry, get sick and live in overcrowded homes.

It says the first step is to create a strategy to monitor child poverty and set ambitious targets for improvement.

Without series implementation of something like MANAs feed the kids bill, and more state housing, we will not end child poverty in this county.

The 1% accept child poverty as a fair trade off and Key accepts it as a means to keep the working poor blaming the beneficiary poor.



At 11/12/12 9:01 am, Blogger Unknown said...

It sickens me to think that the Government is turning the other cheek to an issue like this! Honestly how can KeyNational just ignore a problem that is killing New Zealand children - though I guess they feel good about themselves blaming poor people and enjoying their comfortable lifestyles.

At 11/12/12 12:01 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

What National should be striving for is to coax/bribe, whatever it takes (think Hobbit) Foxconn to set up factories HERE, so we too can start making Apple iGadgets for the multitudes of rich Westerners who live on Planet Key. The first thing John needs to do, is abolish ALL labour (and environment while they're at it) protection laws, so we can properly exploit, err, I mean 'employ' children - after all you can't have child poverty when the children work in sweatshops and are housed in Foxconn barracks, can you?

At 11/12/12 1:27 pm, Blogger Tim said...

As the sleepy Hobbits awake, they'll realise that their driving forces are greed, ideology and prejudice.

They'll simply have thought (Joyce et al) that here's a report produced by some bleeding heart academic - pay it no mind! (BECAUSE they perceive 'bleeding heart', therefore no value).
Ditto Collins and a Canadian judge - let's nit pik as much as we can. Christ what an ugly specimen that woman is and apologies for having tainted your minds.

If they (the NAct gubbamint + the Johnsonville hairdresser's dream) were actually that bright, we'd all be in a better position than we are today. It's hard for an electorate to wake up to the fact, and admit they were conned. I console myself by the fact that when they do, they generally emerge angrier.
It's a shame though that there isn't a quicker route. Plainly there was an Emperor with no clothes from the outset (but I'm not sure why people assumed an investment banker with 2 side-kick ideologues and a cabal of arse-lickers (the likes of Bennet/Jamie-Lee/Parata et al) were necessarily competent people to run an economy ....... but they did). NZ's Nick Leeson is our Proim Minsta, it's just that he's had better luck concealing his incompetence.
Shudda cudda wudda. Talk about the stereotypical used-car salesmen dynamic.
New Zealand - you've been royally ripped! It's about time to wake or quit the moaning (or fuck off elsewhere as many are doing)

At 12/12/12 9:39 am, Blogger Phil said...

For Sale: Country - National State - UNIQUE

Doer Upper!

Sea views, almost 100% pure, needs some work.
Fantastic potential, cheap labour, compliant media, investor friendly, flexible democracy.
Ideal for ponys, black sheep, goat's, forestry, film set, mining. Or the perfect hide away for retired Billionaires or Drug Lords. Endless opportunity.
Quick sale required, owner moving to another Planet, will consider all offers.

Government Backed

Selling on behalf of Public*

Agent: Government

* Subject to finance. You name the terms.
And Sale is fool and final.


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