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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Lessons for young people when dealing with Police

Well, well, well, what do we have here then...

Officer's abuse of teen driver on tape
A policeman's expletive-laden tirade at a teenage driver is under investigation by the independent police watchdog after being caught on tape.

The officer called the 16-year-old a "dickhead" and "idiot" and repeatedly used the f-word during the stop, apparently because he believed the boy had pulled the finger at him.

He was so close during the outburst some of his spittle landed on the young man's face.

"I thought he was going to hit me," said Dyllan Vaughan, the driver.

"Every time I see a police officer now I feel nervous."

...you can listen to the abuse and the threat the Police Officer uses with this 16 year old and ask yourself if you think this is appropriate... The officer replies: "Yes you fucking do. Why'd I fucking pull you over, dickhead?"

When Vaughan tells the officer to watch his language, the policeman then calls him an idiot, and accuses him of gesturing towards him.

"I wouldn't do that," Vaughan says.

"Bullshit," the officer says. "I catch you doing that sort of bullshit again and I'll go over your car and I'll find as much trouble as I can for you."

...sadly many NZers will think this is appropriate. They will think it's appropriate that the Police Officer stopped him in the first place. They will think it's appropriate that the Police Officer abused him. They will think it's appropriate the Police Officer threatened him and they will think it's appropriate that the Police Officer threw his license back at him. Our weird authority worship culture means we have a populace who can't and won't see the Police as anything but benevolent. The only time cops get into trouble is when they are stupid enough to beat up one of their own. In the infamous Auckland Central case a few years back, a pack of drunk off duty cops beat the living crap out of a young guy who had apparently given them some lip.

Hilariously the kid they bashed the snot out of was the son of a Detective.

I just wish I had seen the faces of those cops when they were informed of who they had beaten up. God that would have been beautiful.

Normally cops can get away with anything in front of a jury because of our slavish cult of authority, but in a world of smart phones, the garden variety abuse and intimidation cops hand out on a daily bases can be thrown back in their face.

Everyone when confronted by the Police should just press record on their phone and give the Police all the rope in the world, and post it up immediately online.

If you are wanting publicity - Tumeke is always happy to help. One of the most interesting things since publicizing the Police intimidation that led up to Stephen McIntyre's suicide, has been the many others who have stepped forward and contacted me privately to complain about Police behavior.

There seems to be a need for a means to force the Police to be accountable for their actions and social media and the blogs could be that force in the future.

Isn't it amazing what the Police will say when they don't think anyone is listening.



At 9/12/12 8:12 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Pretty normal police behaviour from what I remember. The only difference is that now it gets taped.

At 9/12/12 10:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on guys. I'm a left wing thinker, but I respect the Police. They do an incredible service for society, and may sometimes make mistake, but get very little thanks for the service they do.

At 10/12/12 8:25 am, Blogger Johnny B said...

Yes louisoutlook there are many decent young officers out there doing their best but ... who for??
Check this out!


At 10/12/12 8:26 am, Blogger Johnny B said...


At 10/12/12 11:31 am, Blogger Seamus said...

I'm a sub-25 year old male driver and sadly, this attitude from Police is expected whenever they pull me over. Earlier this year I was pulled over on my way to work, shown photos of my car doing a u-turn that a member of the public took, and had my car impounded for sustained loss of traction. I was then told that I should just plead guilty and take the 6 month disqualification and then "it'll be over before you know it". The photos showed nothing; there were no marks on the road, etc. and several mechanics had looked over my car and quoted me on repairs needed as the car was only running at around 50% power. In the end after many letters and hounding, the local police agreed to drop the charge to careless driving and released my car. The part that I found most disgusting, were the measures my family and I had to go to get them to even look at the case. Those 'boy-racer' laws are a direct contradiction to the idea of innocence until proven guilt.
In another incident I was pulled over and the police officer even went to the extent of pulling at one of my front guards in his efforts to try and find something wrong with my car. I could describe countless other incidents where I've been pulled over and abused by cops, and every time, my guilt is assumed. It's a disgusting culture and it's fed by media sensationalism. I've written to TV3 and One News demanding they define who they're talking about when they refer to "boy racers" as the only criteria seems to be that the driver is under 25; doesn't matter what they're driving, or even whether they're a boy or not. It doesn't help that the current administration has figured out that these young people most likely don't vote for them anyway making us the ideal scapegoat. Don't start me on the insurance companies....


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