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Friday, December 07, 2012

Labour to censor MPs MEMBERS from the Blogosphere

Irish Bill @ The Standard has posted on the desire by one Labour Party MP to bully the National Council into new rules that punish any Labour MP MEMBER who complains about Labour on the blogs.

I've had to update this because I read Irish Bill's comments as Labour MPs, but it is so far worse than that - the idea is to censure Party MEMBERS for making comments on blogs!!

How North Korean has this party become? Unanimous leadership votes, punishment for disloyalty and now party members could be punished for comments they make on blogs???

The full blown terror the Labour leadership feel over the power of the blogs surprises me. Rather than seeing the blogs as the new influencers of the political debate, they are hell bent on censoring members and denigrating the left blogosphere.

It's the most bizarre response to the political realities of social media and shows Labour more focused on controlling the message than the message they are sending.

At some point the Labour leadership have got to include the left blogosphere into their communications strategy by reaching out to the left blogs, if they don't they will be facing a guerrilla war with their own activist base.

Is it not enough that the Labour leadership allowed the media manufactured coup to destroy David Cunliffe?

Is there anything Labour can't self mutilate?



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