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Thursday, December 06, 2012

How sexist is the Hawke's Bay Law Society?

The Hawke's Bay Law Society isn't helping dispel the perception their profession is a misogynist chauvinistic old boys club by holding their function at a mens only club...

President Alan Cooper confirmed that the Hawke's Bay Club, established in 1863, had never had a female member.

"It's been this way for 150 years," he said. "Why would a woman want to be a member?"

He said it was not deliberate discrimination. "There's areas of the club where you can entertain women."

Women can attend functions hosted at the club but cannot enter the "members-only" bar, except on Saturdays. The Hawke's Bay Law Society party is on a Friday.

...'There's areas of the club where you can entertain women'??? Hello 19th Century sexism, welcome to the 21st Century.

Holding your annual xmas piss up at a Men's only club is the sort of thing drug dealers, pornographers or middle management would agree to, the legal profession does itself no favours with this obviously insulting choice of venue.

What are the Hawke's Bay Law Society saying to their female employees, female clients, their own mothers, sisters and daughters?

It's ugly and needlessly sexist in a world that already treats women as second class citizens.

Holding your end of year Christmas event at a mens only club is about as inclusive as the KKK.



At 6/12/12 7:08 am, Blogger PM of NZ said...

For the same reasons, I take it you wouldn't be attending a Xmas piss-up at Contours www.contours.co.nz if it was on offer?

At 6/12/12 9:04 am, Blogger Shona said...

Contours isn't a profession that administers and represents the justice system for all the population.

At 6/12/12 9:27 am, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

I have no issue with clubs based on gender but I do have a problem with an organisation holding an event which would see almost half of it's members being given different treatment on the basis of sex. It's just ludicrous.

At 6/12/12 5:38 pm, Blogger jo7 said...

If all men were as clear as Bomber is on the issue of sexism, sexism would cease to exist! Argument over.


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