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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Green on Red

Greens go on the attack

Russel Norman's attack on the Labour Party yesterday brings to surface deep frustrations many within the Greens have felt over Labour's weak start in the first year of Shearer's leadership.

During the Pagani phase of Shearer's leadership, the Greens wouldn't have known if they were supposed to cry or laugh. While Labour drifted to the right, the Greens have cannibalized Labour's left.

I honestly thought the Greens had reached their high point at the last election and would ease back once Labour caught their breath, but the disastrous first year of Shearer's fumbling in the media hasn't seen a Labour Party finding it's second wind, it's found a Party gasping for oxygen.

The reality for Labour is Shearer can't do media, apparently he doesn't have the 'brain waves' required to articulate a political vision in public, okay, fine. So what Labour need to do is sell a team, with Russel Norman as part of that team.

The problem for the Greens is that the team approach requires the Greens to accept Winston as a member. No one has blunted Green political aspirations more than Labour + NZ First, the problem for the Greens is that a Labour-Green-NZ First Government would rob the Greens of the full influence they deserve as the third largest political Party.

Any Labour/Green Government would have to have a Green Cabinet, meaning many Ministerial positions going to the Greens with Norman as a must for Finance. The Greens will have voters demanding results and recognition in 2014 and a watered down policy platform without any of the real positions of authority courtesy of Winston Peters will not be well received.

MANA are the Greens best friend and the progressive changes they will be demanding in 2014 can only be conducted via a Labour-Green-MANA Government.

It's interesting to see the latest tensions over Labour's love for free trade and the TPP and the only one pretending Shane Jones isn't attacking the Greens with the blessings of the Labour leadership are Shane Jones and the Labour leadership. Expect more Green on Red incidents if the poll sugar rush of announcing 100 000 cheap houses for the middle classes wears off.



At 4/12/12 12:16 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

I still want to know who the Green Party financial/economic policy advisor is. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole until I know who that person is. Russel Norman waffling on and on about quantitave easing really, really made my hair stand on end. Anything QE is of the banksters, for the banksters and by banksters. If the Green Party has been co-opted by banksters, which given Russels continuing endorsement of QE seems increasingly likely, politics and the economy in NZ is in serious trouble (as if it wasn't bad enough already).


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