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Monday, December 31, 2012

For his services to middle class racism - arise Sir Paul Holmes

For his services to middle class racism - arise Sir Paul Holmes - one very short knight after decades of cheeky darkies



At 31/12/12 10:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just another accolade for another expensive malevolent lazy bludger, up there with the likes of the money hungry bludgers known as MPs and their tarted-up self-bestowed titles; “Honourable” and “Right Honourable”.

For a career in broadcasting which produced nothing hard-hitting or enlightening, this all demonstrates the lengths some pathetic malcontent can rise in this pathetic isolated backwater South Pacific Hicksville. When rubbing shoulders with the local mafia and receiving the adulation of a herd of bipedal cantankerous ignorant sheep, sees one reaching dizzying heights of accolades to embellish one’s already over embellished ego full of narcissism and flaws.

I’m not surprised by Pauli boy’s state of ill health, if you’re a character full of shit that can be expected. After his off the wall racist rant against Maori earlier this year, I bet he received his fair share of curses. Imagine when this creep croaks-it, the 24/7 media love fest we’ll have to swallow. Frankly when the imminent happens he deserves it, shame the rest of the mafia plaguing this country can’t follow suit.

At 31/12/12 1:47 pm, Blogger Tim said...

No point getting upset about these 'awards' Bomber - they're made meaningless by the number of omissions to the genuinely deserving, whilst knobbing those that are undeserving.
Wait till Dippery Slick becomes SsssJon.

At 31/12/12 3:34 pm, Blogger monty said...

What a bunch of sad losers

At 31/12/12 3:35 pm, Blogger monty said...

What a bunch of sad and nasty losers.

At 31/12/12 3:38 pm, Blogger Alan Wilkinson said...

Vile commentary like this discredits the Left.

At 31/12/12 3:42 pm, Blogger Alan Wilkinson said...

Vile commentary like this just discredits the Left.

At 31/12/12 7:17 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/1/13 8:22 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Yes but remember , Paul Holmes is a product . He's a product constructed and supplied to the desires of the nasty, unpleasant, bad, disagreeable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, abominable, atrocious, offensive, obnoxious, odious, unsavory, repulsive, disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, hateful, nauseating, sickening; disgraceful, appalling, shocking, sorry, shabby, shameful, dishonorable, execrable, heinous, abhorrent, deplorable, monstrous, wicked, evil, iniquitous, nefarious, depraved, debased; contemptible, despicable and reprehensible masses . It's the masses you all need to focus your deserved distaste towards . In a sense , he's just the messenger so you might ask ' What have they done to us ? ' .

At 1/1/13 9:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the money Nitrium.

So my previous commentary ruffled a few feathers for some here. Fine, brand my commentary vile and me a sad loser, you’re entitled to your point of view after all this is a democracy, supposedly.

While I can vividly remember the hate filled commentary from Holmes early last year, a generalised prejudicial ignorant vile commentary against an entire segment of the population, i.e. Maori. I was incensed with such garbage spouting from someone who is regarded by the MSM as a credible broadcasting personality and dressed up accordingly.

For someone as myself who lives in the REAL world, who is acquainted with those that are disadvantaged, many of whom are Maori. From my experience, that type of dim-witted prejudice is what serves in large part to alienate, marginalise and oppress a population. Believe me in my time I witnessed the institutionalised racism present in this country, witnessed racist rants from teachers in schools or by lawyers and law enforcement as well as the result, intelligent talented people disenfranchised from the system and society. Whether they are poorly educated and illiterate or those incarcerated for a crime they didn’t commit and opportunities henceforth revoked as a result of an unjust criminal record.

For someone who subscribes to these socially destructive prejudices I have no sympathy, nor am I prepared to be polite. Given the retrogressive policies of last year which robbed many of a dignified life, including myself like many “regular” folk in this country. All I can say is that I am fed-up, fed-up of working long hard hours for minimum reward, fed-up of living a life with the prospect of no future. Fed-up of “looking forward” to another year that’ll deliver in all probability more hardship. Believe me I’m not the only one.

What extraordinary contribution did Holmes commit aside of being a “popular” personality emplaced in various sectors of the MSM. The One News montage last night displayed what? A hard-hitting broadcaster for making a bitching Dennis Connor walk off the set?

This year I couldn’t care less, I won’t be muzzled no longer by the expected politeness that is ingrained in this country’s psyche. I’m going to “spill my guts” about the ugly realities I witnessed in this country, if it’ll ruffle some feathers so be it, if it’ll kill me so be it. I couldn’t care less, I had enough.

If politeness is expected towards an “elite” figure engaged in a role of suppressing people and I direct some harsh words towards them and am branded as a loser, so be it, but how is an “elite” figure a “winner” if they revel in directing unwarranted systematically weighty harsh words against the disadvantaged?

At 1/1/13 12:35 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Recluse . I sympathize with your point of view , I really do . But it doesn't change the fact that Holmes , the despicable , flippant little cunt that he is , is a product designed to stir up trouble , segregate the work forces and aid in dividing and conquering while masquerading as the voice of middle New Zealand reason . He's not the problem per se . He's a spoke in the wheel of a greater Evil if you like and that's where you could focus your good words and heart . Who pulled his strings ? We need to cut to the chase . We need to hunt down and identify those few who are behind the Holmes equation and fuck THEIR shit up . Put heat on them . Expose them to the dumbed-down masses to savage . There's a cue of Paul Holmes clones waiting to rip into the disadvantaged for a six figure salary a mile long .

Don't give up @ Recluse . NZ desperately needs heart and soul .

Questions ;

Who paid him ?

Who is TVNZ ?

Where do they get their funding ?

Who are their advertisers ?

What are the advertisers advertising ?

Is it primarily Corporate American foreign policy ?

Answers ; ...

At 1/1/13 11:16 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Yes, I find it entirely offensive that Mr Holmes would get knighted after that racist diatribe after last years Waitangi Day.

Extremely and utterly unforgivable to give honour to someone who wrote that crap.

Thanks for raising the point Bomber, I'm sure most publications will be willfully ignoring the anomaly

At 2/1/13 1:56 pm, Blogger Procrastinator said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 3/1/13 10:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can remember watching Holmes’ show on Prime, 2005. In this particular episode he planted a pohutukawa tree on One Tree Hill, disregarding the sensitivities of the situation in regard to local iwi. After noticing the usual redneck ravings from text messages at the bottom of the screen I promptly turned that off.

Coupled with his other renowned racist tirades, it all points to the fact that he’s just that, a racist.

Other prominent media personalities in this country that share traits with Holmes; Hosking, Laws, Henry, are they likely recipients of these honours in future?

Mark Solomon was another recipient of these honours. Perhaps a contributing factor towards him being awarded was his uncooperative stance toward the Maori Council’s fight for water rights, one of the best cases to prevent asset sales, selling his iwi, Maori and ultimately most New Zealanders short.

If so, then these awards are tinged with elements of old colonial divide and conquer.

You can be sure that a number of Tories are awarded; John Slater, Wayne Mapp, Rodney Hide. The merits of their contributions will have their fair share of critics. Hide, a figure mired in scandal while a MP?

Anyone tired of all this royal mania?

2009, Key reinstates knighthoods to the honours system, is he paving the way for his eventual award? Looks like the usual Tories and wealthy fancy themselves a title to mingle with the upper crust and cement themselves as the new aristocracy.

Then there’s the royal wedding, jubilee, visit and now birth. Bear in mind the recent global recession and austerity, people having it rough, then there’s the public spending on all these spectacles. Over $700,000 for the visit of a couple of toffs suspected of tax evasion.

Most people should wake up and quit being besotted with these personalities a stark divide from themselves.

At 3/1/13 4:45 pm, Blogger Morrissey Breen said...

Have a Happy New Year, you unrecognised oiks—and remember, if you see a deranged old man shouting insults at Māori family groups over the summer, don’t say “Fuck off to Queensland you racist scum”, say “Fuck off to Queensland, Sir Paul.”

At 3/1/13 5:34 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Procrastinator . Please forgive my ignorance and frankly that's asking a lot I grant you .

Are there not critical similarities between the white monarchy and the brown monarchy ?

I have another question :
If NZ became Aotearoa in the literal sense then went it alone on the world stage , how long do you think we'd last ? A week ? A month ?

We'd be bought , sold , skinned , gutted and hung up to dry in a heart beat would be my guess .

There's many a corporation who's annual gross profit is greater than NZ/ Aotearoas' GDP and the American ones have just been granted citizen status ??? And if the TPPA is a goer , those same corporations will be like genital herpies only worse . At least you can cut your dick off .

Seriously , what might happen . You know ? If we did in fact ' Go it alone ' as I think you may be suggesting ?

It's all very well to have a democracy but when the numbers are low as in our population , one needs clout too . How would we fight an invasion . A real invasion where scary people turn up in big boats with guns and bombs ? Pelt them with expensive cheeses ? Drop cows on them ? Render them immobile with our sense of humour ? Have a beer then show them where the Hobbit was ' crafted ' ? While that was happening someone would tag their warship but it wouldn't be something prophetic and political like ' Fuck Off ! ' It'd be some incomprehensible gibberish like 99% of it that oozes from dumbed down Media minds .

When storms send whitecaps across tea cups like this I get mighty nervous . I wonder what's coming ?

And a final word from a nervous Monarchist ...

Ok . Charles has large ears but good for listening . He also has many other attributes worthy of note . He has wit . He has a natural intelligence , not one installed by others for their benefit and I'm thinking Universities here . His kids are pretty bloody cool in my view . Rescue helicopter pilot , warship helicopter pilot . Handsome young men raring to go and from what I can tell , they're very much global village , urbane elites . Seeing Harry bare arsed , stoned and in the company of a beautiful young woman at a party doesn't overly concern me other than to invite more than a little envy . Poor old William is intelligent , statesman like , married to a beautiful woman who is pregnant and who can deal with being watched by millions of people as she struggles with giving dear old Bill the greatest gift known . A child . Poor bastard .

Charles married Diana . So would I have . She was a stunning looking woman . They were young and perhaps mistakes were made . Now , who's going to throw the first stone there ? Tragedy struck ! Then Charles married for love finally . Yep , still can't really see a problem there .

The British Royal Family are ancient and not without flaw but then there is no greater beauty than that which hath some flaw .

What do the USA have to equal ? G. W. Bush ? Nixon ? Johnston ? Clinton ? I mean , really ?

Would we be happier and more fair as a country if we were a State of the Union ? In the immortal words of the Dali Lama ... ' You gotta be fuckin' kidding me ! ? ' .

At 3/1/13 10:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the idea of this country as a republic being brought, sold, skinned, gutted and hung up to dry. It’s already in progress with someone who regards himself as a monarchist at the helm.

Holding the US as the pinnacle of republicanism is severely flawed, holding the monarchy with reverence is irrelevant for the growing numbers in poverty, if anything, the monarchy have more in common with the power brokers in the US just as both are growing in irrelevance to many of their respective subjects.

The power brokers in the US and the monarchy both have extensive corporate interests. There is little transparency with regard to the British Royal Family’s investment portfolio as it is the case with those in power worldwide. What’s Key’s worth? Estimated at $50 million, emphasis on estimated.

The global financial system is an esoteric one which is reflected in the fact we have the divide between the 99% and the 1%.

Governments are nothing more than feeble facades for the real power brokers behind the scenes; money is power, power is control. Modern monarchy is likewise a facade to dupe the masses.

To me the TPPA is similar to the Treaty of Waitangi. The Maori that agreed to it, agreed with interest in trade and protection. Corporate interest through the New Zealand Company played a large role in preventing Maori sovereignty in the agreement. In the end we had an agreement shrouded in mystery due to the two translations that deceived Maori and in essence was an act of annexation for the interest of the British.

We know the result, Maori society was devastated. By signing the TPPA in all probability modern New Zealand society will have the chance to be acquainted with a tragedy, possibly similar in aspects to that which befell Maori.

The monarchy was the power brokers of the last tragedy, the US government this time around. Behind them the corporate interests influence the terms and grow their profits and power.

With this country and its culture of nurturing divisions, hatred and prejudice, we indulge in these animal instincts while allowing traitors destroy us.

If there should ever be war or invasion in future, corporates will bankroll and influence the horror. War requires money and entities war for money. Who has the bulk of money today? The 1%, who can afford war? The 1%, who profits from war? The 1%. We the 99% can’t afford it, the closest we can hope is starting pitiful skirmishes that’ll be directed at segments of ourselves while the 1% sit on the side-lines and laugh.

US corporates and financiers as well as those in the British monarchy and aristocracy supported Hitler, when war broke out the poor died.

Today democracy has been taken hostage and repeatedly raped of its integrity and the people are afflicted with Stockholm syndrome. Frankly I am disillusioned with the entire system all I foresee is the worst, let the people be besotted with their captors.

At 4/1/13 11:39 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Procrastinator . Excellent post . And I have to say and in fear of seeming double standard-ish or hypocritical that I would agree entirely with you .

However . Here we are . Talking it through and while others watch , read and become involved . There in lies hope .

Historically , only the well educated , informed and well connected enjoyed such privileges . The 1 % ers of yore .

It's in the calm , not the storm that these new scum bags cook their poisons .

My hope is that the Royal Family are fundamentally more ' Humane ' than a faceless 'citizen' Corporation run by well educated , psychopathic Bourgeoisie which was what I was trying to illustrate in my previous post . When was the last time you saw a CEO out there waving , smiling and shaking hands with the very people they rely upon . Never is my observation . The only time you see those fucks is when they run from the courts to the prison van .

A humanist Monarchy with an unmovable , impregnable lineage steering the democratic process here would be quite nice don't you think ? Wouldn't you like to see roger douglas and jonky et al swinging from the gallows ?

I will go one step further into the tar pit of assumptions and put forward this : I reckon there's a bitter war going on between the British Monarchy and US Corporates . I reckon it's going to get ' interesting ' over the coming months and I will be more smug than a big sack of Smug Monkeys if that's so . If not , you’ll find me under my bed whimpering like a beaten pup .

Or maybe I should just give in and up . Instead of trying to live in hope . Get a nice addiction . Something nice . Something self destructive like P or worse . Booze . Or even worse than those things ... a television . I could spend my days buying fitness machines and vacuum cleaners . All off wheedling , moronic , greedy Americans who make millions of dollars lying and swindling and infesting our culture like maggots . And then there's the American God Botherers leading the charge on the spiritual front ...Yep , Your right @ Procrastinator . We're fucked .

At 4/1/13 12:09 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Hammer meets nail.

At 5/1/13 10:07 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Part one .
@ Procrastinator ...
Since we agree that the Global political/social and economic system that gave rise to a complex and evolving egalitarian world where people die from being exposed to too much food in greater numbers than those who don't have enough to eat . Where a world in which we've become sloth like libertines with more gadgets than James Bond with an OCD is flawed , doomed and deranged ... Well now what ?

If there is no hope for our future and things can only get worse then we may as well turn our backs on Jonky-Stien and go home to bed right ?

What about that , that makes me hugely suspicious now ?

Hmmmm . Let me think .

These are indeed heady times as Procrastinator clearly points out but there's never a time without hope .

I must say , I'm getting bored with those Tumeke-ites who constantly point at the problem yet fail to throw out ideas for solutions . I've posted links to android apps that can help build army's of non aggressive dissenters to mob fucking jonky and his minions like bennett and collins . These pricks need to go . Now ! Fuck the next election . These fuckers need to be kicked out immediately before the TPPA becomes that last nail our coffin .

Anybody else got an idea that can be put into practice ?

There's a thing that's happening . I don't know if you've noticed but as Neo Liberalism marches on and as we consumerhumans become addicted to having more than we need , life itself seems to be becoming less colourful in some way .

I remember when that old cunt douglas fucked us all . The first thing that happened was the arse kissing Christchurch mayor of the day encouraged a massive National Bank hoarding to be hoisted up the freshly redundant Railway Station . That beautiful building went from that , a beautiful building belonging to all Ch Ch to an old whore in ripped tights over night .

There has to be a way for us Tumeke - ites to make ourselves heard over the clamour of apathy out there in the real world ... TBC'd

At 5/1/13 10:09 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Part two ;
... If I was brighter and more brave I'd be designing a Web Site for dissenters who supported direct action to remove jonky et al . That little shit and his mates are destroying an entire culture right out in the open .

And while Procrastinator and others bag our Monarchy ( Yea yea . Like it or not . ) where does Jonky go for his hols ? London ? Gore ? No . Hawaii . Thats Hawaii US-motherfukcer-A , Boo Yeah ! He's as Royalist as our Governor General who's as Royalist as a Corporate CEO's gimp hood . Do you really think the Queen went ' Oooh ! Paul Holmes . He's a nice fool and racist hater who spreads The Word like a sick Asian with a cough on an airplane . ' Give him a Knight Hood ! Now pass a corgi would ja ? ( Forgive me Asian people . It was for effect . )
No . I doubt it . The QE 11 would never have heard of Paul Holmes . If they had , they'd be mortified and cringe behind their plush sofas in horror at his bland , witless, moronic babblings . ( Who mumbled 'Rich coming from you ? ) I've watched him wobble his wattles and spit gibberish . But he's a bit-player . He was irrelevant long ago . He's a tiny little muppet but who had their hand up his arse ? QE11 ? She's already our head of state for fucks sake . The last time I looked Rulers don't invade countries they already rule . What ? For practice ? Who's repeatedly shit in their own nests and now they need a new safe , fresh nest ? Seriously , It's not rocket science .

A Malaysian friend of mine , an erudite fellow with five degrees said he was witnessing a bloodless coupe here in NZ . That was more than ten years ago .

Know your enemy . Your enemy is the Financial Corporation . Occupy their offices , cancel your insurances , draw out your money , default on your credit cards , don't do debt and instead become a fixer , grow your own and connect to your neighbour and your neighbours neighbour . Show no fear in the face of the tyranny of petty authorities like city councils , priests and ' Safety Zealots ' . ( But not the cops ! You can never win with a cop so you may as well get them involved and on-side . )

Oh ! Wait ? I can hear someone at the door .........

At 5/1/13 7:55 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

I admire your aspirations for a better tomorrow. However, the "we" are far too few in number. Remember that probably 70%+ have been fully indoctrinated by wall to wall MSM propaganda that the system we have is "worth" protecting (witness ANZAC day - "they died so we could be free").
No, I have long since given up trying to stop the rot. Just let it collapse - and make no mistake, it will collapse (history irrefutably shows us that it must and will). Growing your own food is excellent advice. So is staying out of debt. Stay healthy ("free healthcare" is an utter fantasy). And avoid paying tax as much as possible (taxes simply serve to "feed the machine").

At 6/1/13 11:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Countryboy, want to know why many don’t suggest any ideas? Because this country has a rich culture of crapping all over people’s ideas, merely suggest an idea and you can be met with a multitude of profanities and what seems like a lynch mob ready to do its work.

As for the issue surrounding monarchy, we may both have differing values regarding the matter and I respect that.

Myself, I have faith in the concept of a democratic republic in principle. However, in practice in this country I do not.

This country seems to have a strong affinity to the right, if this country were to be a republic at present I suspect it would be less democratic and egalitarian, breaking from monarchy would possibly result in a similar situation to the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Who were the Bolsheviks? They purported to be leftist however in practice they had more in common with fascism.

If a republic were to be declared now or in the near future, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of civil war due to the circumstances.

This country’s population is better off holding on to old mother England’s apron strings because frankly, society here hasn’t grown up enough to be independent.

The current system isn’t necessarily unanimous in popularity, but is perhaps better than any alternative at present.

If the present is anything to go by, this country seems to be in its delinquent teenage years. Got hooked on to drugs with Rogernomics, sold its valuables and security to be wasted and has now stooped to the level of a streetwalker wasting away for the benefit of “Big Daddy” Key and his sleazy gangster cronies.

Problem with the people in this country is they had it too easy too long in comparison to the experience of other societies worldwide and they have a naive faith that it’ll stay that way.

Perhaps the people here will someday sober up. Likely after the jackboot has kicked its collective hind quarters long enough. If the previous analogy holds, who knows how tragic the future may be.

I oppose the principle of monarchy due to inherent privilege over democratic merit. However the prolonged life of the British Crown is due in large to it being a constitutional monarchy which suggests an element of democracy and fairness, as opposed to its many deceased relatives which in many cases held on to their autocratic roots.

However in these austere times having a head of state whose family is imbued with a tradition of luxury and privilege, I regard as insulting to its subjects. The Crown would win my respect if it actively rallied for greater equality and participated in its own austerity measures.

I think it would be a powerful message that would place themselves in solidarity with the public and at odds with the plutocrats behind the scenes. However, I think they’re content with being the privileged puppets that they are and like governments worldwide, allied with the plutocrats.

At 6/1/13 11:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering current conditions, if here was a republic, we’ll probably have a president akin to monarch in luxury. President Key anyone? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would be this country’s equivalent of Bokassa.

With Key reinstating titles with the honour system, I think it was a backward step in showing how this country has matured closer to being a republic, even if it’s just a petty symbolic gesture.

However, with Holmes knighted he’s a member of the gentry, in a supposedly progressive egalitarian society such as ours with its mythological concept of no class distinction, it’s a contradiction.

To award someone on the basis of merit, I respect, but to have awards that allude to class distinction I regard as socially obsolete and unprogressive. I suppose it’s something that may appeal to Key? Degrade the bulk of us as peasants and treat accordingly.

To have a flawed character like Holmes with a title that alludes to being a member of the “ruling class” I find distasteful.

Throughout my life I’ve heard from my father how wretched conditions were in pre-war Eastern Europe. Privatisation, poverty, generational indebtedness and high taxes were some hallmarks of his stories. Some would pray for war, in his own words, when war came very little was different for him.

Prophetically over time he’d point out how this country was going down the same track. During the Rogernomic era he often received fervent abuse. I would be sceptical however events over recent years have changed my outlook.

Communism was said to be the death of the soul where it occupied. I feel neoliberalism has ceded its place. Notice how there isn’t the sense of community there once was, no solidarity amongst the people.

If government fails to represent the people. With social solidarity the people can have the weight to challenge the government for change, or failing that implement an alternative to the tyranny, an alternate market, government, etc.

I thought perhaps the Occupy movement could have been the germ of change however, that didn’t have the weight.

Many in the middle class may think they’re comfortable, however with the marked erosion of liberties in the past decade, they shouldn’t count themselves safe. New abusive legislation can easily take away all they hold dear.

The apathetic disadvantaged should be given their just respect instead of being marginalised by society in a hopeless pit of despair. Forces campaigning for change shouldn’t just use them for political point scoring.

In essence all but the wealthiest should realise that they’re at risk of losing whatever comfort or opportunities they hold at present and unite for change, network and cooperate. Instead of descending into a hopeless dog eat dog dystopia.

At 6/1/13 12:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. There should be a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience.

Don’t pay rates (paying too much for services that aren’t used, provided or necessary – make the councils listen)

Don’t pay for vehicle relicensing (large amount of the cost is an ACC levy that you’ll unlikely be entitled to if needed).

Avoid paying fines (impression that there’s law enforcement to gather revenue – attentively drive in a legal manner or avoid unnecessary travel by private automobile).

Wherever possible walk, ride a bicycle or moped for transport.

Strike for higher wages.

Occupy WINZ offices for cut benefits and entitlements.

Disrupt supermarkets when food prices are hiked (perhaps move food and goods around to inconvenient places? Fill trolleys full of food and leave them unattended around the store?)

Don’t drink or smoke (wasting money on taxes and something you don’t need).

Complain readily about your dissatisfaction (letters, email, text, phone, in person – MPs, media, companies, etc.)

Actively promote dissent on the web.

Network and actively promote disobedience campaigns on the web and in the community (promote locally to boycott rates payments for fair council concessions).

Be creative express yourself and your discontent with art, music, writing, etc. As opposed to indulging in consumer entertainment, inspire change.

Be healthy, live as long as possible.

If you’ve given up hope, don’t drown in a pit of despair, enjoy what you can about life. If necessary, live for spite, don’t give your enemies the pleasure of your death.

There should also be a rich dialogue amongst everyone for solutions to the problems, constructive discussions, don’t intimidate new ideas invite them.

Someone think of way to tackle high energy prices, which can be expected henceforth this year.

At 6/1/13 12:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you to a degree Nitrium with regard to war commemorations.

Examining history, if anything, the last war seemed a fight between soft and hard fascism as opposed to the popular narrative; the utopian good guys, the Allies and the super evil villains the Nazis.

All over the pre-war world you can find eugenics programmes, deep institutional racism and severely oppressed populations. Think about Maori, Australian Aboriginals, Afro-Americans, women, etc.

For them post-war offered nothing better than the pre-war world, many sacrificed themselves and fought for the mythological ideals of freedom which came to no avail, only business as usual.

I consider the movements of the 60’s and 70’s the catalyst of real change, however, the pseudo-fascist neoliberal system afterwards recognises the rights of various groups at the expense of good economic living standards. Seems like retaliation.

At 7/1/13 1:09 pm, Blogger caleb said...

I've blogged on this here: http://cutyourhair.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/for-services-to-prejudice-ignorance-and-easy-listening-music/

I sort of stole your phrase for the title.

At 7/1/13 1:43 pm, Blogger Frank said...

The entire knighthood system was shown it's innate corruptness when Roger Douiglas was knighted. Bloody hell, the sword should have been used in an entirely different manner (rather than just a couple of taps on each shoulder).

Meanwhile, the organisors of food banks, who picked up the piece of Rogernomics and Ruthenasia, went largely unrecognised.

@ Procrastinator; re your 6/1/13 12:13 PM post.


In simple terms, to resist, keep doing what you're doing now - but more of it!


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