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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dargaville party diverts attention from new Police spy drone

Yawn. So the attack on Police in Dargaville by people at a party is the latest excuse to arm the Police is it?

Really? Let's have a run down of what happened again before we start handing out the glocks...

The violence began after a nearby Brethren Church complained that members had been threatened by youths who yelled abuse and then smashed letterboxes and signs on Gordon St, around the corner from where the police were attacked.

A policeman tracked the youths to the house and when he tried to arrest one, party-goers became aggressive.

He called for help and was joined by a colleague, who helped subdue the crowd with pepper spray.

But a 9-year-old child was hit by the spray and the furious people began to beat and kick the officers.

...right. So the Exclusive Brethren who run Dargaville like the head scarfed mafia complain to the local constabulary that dem kids from across the tracks are playing up, leading to the Police going onto the private property of the party to arrest someone they claim has annoyed the Exclusive Brethren. The crowd turn nasty at this, in response to that, one officer pepper sprays the crowd hitting a 9 year old child and the incensed crowd kick the snot out of the Police.

R-i-g-h-t, and guns would have helped this how? Would the officer have pulled his gun out and shot wildly into the crowd hitting the 9 year old and a couple of others as well? Instead of screaming 'give them guns' why isn't anyone asking if there could have been a better way of policing this? Did they really need to go into a party to arrest someone based on what the Exclusive Brethren, a group with immense power in Dargaville, was bitching about?

Why isn't this an example of really poor policing and suddenly a reason to arm the cops? As Kim Workman from Rethinking Crime and Punishment points out, the rate of assault per sworn police officer has barely changed over the last decade.

Why are we even talking about this when an issue vastly more important is being utterly ignored?

TV3 did some amazing investigative journalism and revealed last weekend that the NZ Police now have a spy drone and are looking to use it asap.

Folks - I would have argued that seeing as the NZ Police got caught out illegally spying on NZers this year that the last bloody thing in the world we would want to give them is a fucking drone.

The Police have managed to pass the largest erosion to our civil rights since the Waterfront lockout with the search & Surveillance Bill why on earth have they suddenly gained a military technology and are using it on the civilian population without so much as a 'by the way'.

The NZ Police are out of control and have no checks and balances left. The first thing a change of Government in 2014 has to do is reign the bloody cops in. We live in a democracy brothers and sister, not a Police State

How soon will it be before Police Association Grand Cyclops Greg O'Connor starts arguing to arm his new drone?



At 28/12/12 7:33 pm, Blogger Tim said...

This hole situation with Police is a frikken joke. Desperate to increase numbers, successive gubbamints have scrimped on training - including ensuring they don't just basically have a band of thickos in blue.
Dear Jude (yea she really really-really cares) would have 'em all waddling round wit mor weaponry strapped to their overburdened belts.(really only 'cos she's shit-scared she's pissd a lot of people off-which says something about HER integrity).
Why r they not taking a step back and asking the q - why is it that yoof and recidivists have absolutely no respect for the (very)thin Blue Loin)?

They'l all do better when they realise that Greg Conner boy is their own worst enemy-Chief apologist and 1st on the stage when any significant event occurs-INCLUDNG wipping up spin for the obviously bad behaviour of a certain element within the place. It really is foot-in-mouth stuff.

The majority of our force are actually decent sorts of y'avridge blokes. ALL are severely let down by the egotistical/GrogO'Conna,self promotional, lobby for what he thinks - short-termism. Ramp it up! after all We have "law" on our side.

I well remember talking to the wife of a former(prominent) rock hopper - after pulling his littl'un out of a pool and saving a drowning. The poor cnut is probably now applying for jobs at Pak'n'Save/McD/BK - or even crossed the ditch already (where Daddy could legitimately fire a pisstool - and when most are fired - the firer is pretty much a woose).
"Wifey" - yea that's right!!! "wifey": (her indoors/Mine!/ my right to fuck,order-around,cook for me cos I "work" and she duzn't') - anyway "wifey" clearly stated that if Norm wasn't on the right side of the law, he'd be a crim. [This is early 80's btw-but it IS supposedly civilised society - AND...... so he wud]. Best decision he ever made {joining the Rock Hoppers} was the consensus-.e. to join the legal gang).
Incidently....Greggy was at play during the era.

At 28/12/12 7:34 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I'm actually REALLY surprised no-one has chosen (including the Polis members Greggy boi claims to represent) haven't delved deeper.
I mean we know there are a number of disenchanted under-covers based on borderline reality TV-like docos to date.
But really... the NZillun Polisss Assoc.-the guy(and btw his deputy) rn't actually the sharpest knives in the drawer, and if there's a real concern for building a good image for Police-there r a couple of VERY obvious starting points! Best optiion might even be to elect a naiive front-line savvy member- A Dyke or a Homo even!
The bum-freezer, patheticly inadequate, non-authoratative uniforms don't help either.
Let 'em get on with it Bomber - it's in their hands. If they arm, it's just a ramp up and there'll be Polis deaths resulting.
Ultimate cynicism would suggest: you make a law-you make a criminal-and that's true enough. It's Greg's agenda even - except he hasn't quite worked out what happens when a majority of NZers become crims.(not 2 dissimilar from a NAct agenda either given financial considerations).
Thick as pigshit is not adequate enough to attempt a definition-& actully I'm all for their remaining "undefined" (Pigs are actually fairly intelligent though). 2 describe an Assoc. President - WELL past used-by date,irrelevant,anxious to retain turf and influence(&affluence)
Please - Joe, Jennie, Leslie Latimer, Norman Normal Polis Ossifer not cooking up a treat at some Kapiti barbecue.... Greg and cohorts are actually making you look as fucking stupid as many of you are (BUT!!!!!!!!!!! stupid because of successive politicians regimes).
Their standing harks to an era that's 70's-ish;80's-ish......... IRRELEVANT-ish if you want to EVEN entertain some sort of concern and consideration of a next generation.
Get on with it though!.... Arm yesselves to the hilt, waddle like fucking ducks whilst on the beat, claim (or do your best to) equality, cultural maturity when dealing with "minorities" within your ranks......PLEASE though: don't expect sympathy when a Greg Vision, or a pragmatic solution in dealing with the ferrals all turns to shit - as inevitably it will (and already has)
Shit,Hill, Push! (even given the liquefaction factor).

At 28/12/12 7:42 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Bomber - Once again - you're in danger of making the site irrelevant if you make it so difficult to comment.
I converted mine to txt speak in order 2 rationalise. Stll no go.
So then I mage it 2 comments.
If you'e not interested in unsolicited opinion - easier for ll to just say so.
I'll continue to follow on occsion, happy in the knowledge there are actvists and challengers to a status quo........ut really! EVEN if you were attempting political correctness as a starting point - things would be easier.
I'll be back in a week or two. Can't actually be fucked to LABOUR an opinion - Which is probbly how a current Party would like it.........except they've got "The Standard"

At 28/12/12 11:39 pm, Blogger Richard Christie said...

"R-i-g-h-t, and guns would have helped this how?"

The crowd tried to use a police issue taser on its owner, right? It reportedly malfunctioned.

Greg seems to prefer that a gun was turned on its owner instead.

He really ought to go and have a bit of a lie down.

At 29/12/12 12:04 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

" Why isn't this an example of really poor policing and suddenly a reason to arm the cops? As Kim Workman from Rethinking Crime and Punishment points out, the rate of assault per sworn police officer has barely changed over the last decade. "

I can answer that question for two reasons Bomber .

A . Because I'm terribly handsome and as everybody knows , handsome people are better people .

B . Because I'm terribly bright and as everybody knows , bright people are highly dangerous but because I'm terribly handsome too I have a West Coast USA Media Generated pass port to immunity to everything .

Our Corporate masters are on their way to Nu Zild . There's not enough room for them at 740 Park Avenue anymore and besides it's hardly safe for them since they've been outed .

They're arming the cops in readiness for the violent uprisings , back lashes , riots and bitter street battles against Corporate oppression to come .

This has nothing to do with a few pissed uppity kids swearing at fascist lunatics .

Mark My Words ...

At 29/12/12 1:41 pm, Blogger Fern said...

"the Exclusive Brethren, a group with immense power in Dargaville"
Just wondering...in what way are they so powerful?

At 3/1/13 6:20 pm, Blogger ewingsc said...

"in what way are they so powerful?"

You're right.

What they need are some drones



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