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Friday, December 07, 2012

Auckland's new tornado season

Remember when Auckland didn't have a tornado season? Every extreme weather event now makes me wonder if I'm watching the results of global warming occur right in front of my eyes.

I was downtown central Auckland at the bottom of Queen street when it hit. The thing that was amazing was the speed and ferocity of the storm, it went from quiet to full blown horizontal rain in the space of minutes. The noise was incredible and people were genuinely frightened by the ferocity.

The loss of lives and the damage done in West Auckland is terrible.

Climate change caused by man made pollution is warming our planet and that in turn will increase extreme weather events like the one we saw in Auckland yesterday. While most of the right wing NZ blogosphere refuse to accept that climate change is being exacerbated by human pollution, the fruits of their denial are now in full bloom for all to see.



At 7/12/12 11:47 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

Most deadly tornado since 1948, when in Hamilton a tornado also killed 3. What? But , but, there was no global warming in 1948, was there?
This would only be "evidence" of global warming IF these events start to happen more frequently, which they (so far) have not. There is NOT a higher incidence of tornadoes in NZ (please look it up, and prove me wrong!). You can't blame every freak weather event on global warming when freak weather events have been happening and have been recorded in detail for millennia! Right?
Blaming this ONE event on global warming is extremely disingenuous, and this coming from someone who actually "believes" in climate change (but is extremely sceptical on the man-made aspect of it).

At 7/12/12 10:25 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I have this friend see . He's a clever fellow and has an edge-a-kayshonn to .

He's convinced , indeed certain that them hundreds and hundreds of atmospheric nuclear bomb tests are directly responsible for ozone depletion thus global warming . Emissions , co2 etc ... All malarkey .

Carbon credits trading . What a load of old poo . It's sole purpose is to remove money from suckers .

Isn't there a connection between Halliburton and the conceptualization of trading in carbon ?

The Globe is warming alright . I've just been to Invercargill and it was that fuckin hot I nearly froze my titties off .

And might I say ; Invercargill is a truly fantastic town . If you ever go there , check out Queens Gardens . It's a magnificent park . Vast . It's a huge , huge park ! I couldn't believe it and almost square in the middle of the city .

I sat in a cafe and watched rain , hail , sleet , gale winds , grey looming skies , scudding clouds , twinkling sunshine , direct burning heat , sweltering , jersey dumping blast furnace temperatures , then more cloud , even more cloud , black dark scary looking what the fuck cloud ! Blast of thunder , sparkle of horse killing lightening , pounding rains , hail and sleet all in the time it took to sip a latte . In Invercargill they say ' Oh look ! Here comes Global warming .... Oh . Wait , wait ... There goes Global warming . '

At 8/12/12 11:11 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Fuck me, when did Invercargill discover a latte?


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