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Sunday, December 09, 2012

A whole new reason to hate our banks

Put aside the billions the banks suck out of NZ each year with ever engorging profits.

Forget that we could curtail their power by demanding they hold a higher reserve than the paltry 8% they are legally obliged to.

Ignore their role in creating a housing boom that locks so many out of home ownership.

Dump those reasons to detest them, we all have a brand spanking new reason to hate the banks.


Banks unite in silence on giving client details to police
Banks have united to keep mum on how often they give customer details to police without a warrant.

Kiwibank has been the most open about the deal, saying it gets requests on a daily basis. It also admitted using the request as part of its "character assessment" of customers.

But ASB Bank, the ANZ, BNZ and Westpac have refused to provide any information about how often they give customer details to police.

In an industry blackout, the banking lobby group has also refused to supply the agreement it has with the police which outlines the way banks co-operate with police inquiries.

It follows the police refusal to supply details about the amount and frequency of information provided, saying the release of details might lead to a reduction in the supply of financial data.

...thank God Kim Dotcom is so wealthy that he can catch out all these dirty tricks the Police and their mates seem to pull with a blasé formality that screams regularity rather than a few rogue decisions.

Let's get this straight, the banks not only hand our information over to the bloody Police without so much as a timid defense of our privacy as their clients - not only do they nark for the cops, these banks then use that information to cripple your credit record?

How outrageous is this? Not just their complicity to breach our privacy, but to then use the Police fishing expedition as a legitimate reason to bias you is a rotten corruption that has all the ethics of a rigged casino.

We know the Police are vindictive and power crazed so does this extraordinary admission by the Banks and the Police suggest that anyone the cops don't like gets this fishing expedition with the knowledge it cripples their credit rating?

Is this asymmetric social warfare from the boys in blue in their paranoid 'us against them' bunker mentality? We know Keith Lock and Sue Bradford were spied on, did their credit ratings get this type of purposeful denigration?

How can the Police and the Banks defile our privacy and then penalize us for their co-conspiracy?

Incredibly this doesn't seem to be generating much disgust in the populace. New Zealander's are so laid back even our fascism is casual.

Raising a generation that is socially liberal minus any political conscience is the greatest victory neoliberalism perpetrated



At 9/12/12 8:05 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Banksters are just the absolute scourge of the planet, and should be at receiving end of constant harassment and disdain. They are the worst sort of criminal, because shelter behind the meme of "they didn't break any laws" - maybe that is technically true, but with total disregard for morals and ethics they break the laws of common decency with wild abandon, showing zero regard to the customers they skim from. There is no feeling of contempt too harsh for these parasites.


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