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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Radio New Zealand has put out job vacancies for "online content producers" for what they describe as "Youth online". The positions report to a "Youth Online Project Sponsor (CEO)" with a post set-up manager to be confirmed. A radio network - and a public broadcaster - employing a team just to do stuff online doesn't make sense. Reading between the lines this is the beginning of my co-blogger's long-held dream of a RNZ Youth radio network. Congratulations are - hopefully - in order.
 "YR CEO" as the reference? It looks obvious to me, anyway, that this is something bigger than a web page buried at rnz.co.nz. There's little chance this team are going to be gathering and making all this new content just to have it distributed online. As for the frequencies and when they will be in a position to roll it out, I haven't a clue. I imagine it will be run entirely off current RNZ resources and focussed on the main centres.

With the funding for RNZ capped under National this effort must have been an uphill battle internally - at least at a budget level. Any incoming government of the centre-left now has a base upon which to transform online into on air if it has not already reached that stage.

Of the many questions arising the main one is: what age band of youth will be the target demographic?


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