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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What National will do about MMP

My guess as to what National will do with the MMP review is that they won't dump the coat tailing provision. It's the only part of MMP that benefits the right, National would prefer to have John Key passionately embrace Helen Kelly on the 6pm News than dump the only part of MMP that helps them.

ACT have exploited the sub 5% threshold so viciously it would make Ghengis Khan blush, to think National would kill that off seems to be politically naive in the extreme.

The problem however is that it looks terribly self serving, so National need to also announce a move that diverts attention.

How does National do that? Lower the threshold to 3%. Such a move would smother attention from the coat tailing rule while creating the pretense that National are being democratic.

Such a lowering of the threshold would benefit National significantly. The Conservatives would have a chance of entering Parliament and the new Rural Party launched this month should be on the phone with National Party HQ making this very argument to them.

It would cement NZ First into Parliament meaning there is always a way to negotiate Winston back into the fold making Labour more dependent to NZ First.

Keeping the coat tailing and lowering the threshold to 3% to divert attention from the first announcement while generating the perception of being more democratic while opening up future coalition partners would be a win, win, win for National.



At 29/11/12 1:27 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Yeah maybe except that dropping the threshold to 3% and keeping the coat tailing rule does allow a more kiwis to have their voices heard in parliament. I support both & have no doubt that if jonkey was naive enuff to enact teh legislation to do this the chane would come home to haunt the Nats big time, down the track.

the lower the threah hold the more likely it is that the ersatz left aka NZ labour would get squeezed by left n right so hard they would hafta shit or get off the pot.
No more wishy washy whathisname leaders for them cause as kiwis moved away from supporting branded by labour pseudo humanist pols, they would reconnect with those local people that they know, & understand & who articulates a world view which doesn't fold at the first site of a billionaire with a chequebook.

Lotsa small independant, idiosyncratic to the needs of the local community pols would be far more 'democratic' than what we got now. Plus of course they would never sell the joint out on the chance of getting a 'top spot' at the world bank, IMF, or any of the other neo-liberalised world fora where every shit-kicker cops enough insider tips to come home multi-millionaire.

Question for the day

Why does no one ever ask these fat assed never-quite-weres, who couldn't run a successful WI cakestall, exactly how they did become such successful business persons when they were away allegedly 'saving the world'?
eg To my knowledge no one has ever bailed up Mike Moore and asked how the specifics of his 'enrichment' occurred.
Why not? we all paid for it in more ways than one.

At 29/11/12 4:19 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ DensisDead . You're question for the day is a good one .

Watch the fantastic series ' Boardwalk Empire ' and all of your question will be answered .

I'm a humble and modest fellow of sober habits and simple needs . I have little , expect little and could barely give a fuck about most things that are not fluffy , squeaky and/or edible .

It was therefore quite the eye opener when once I was innocently invited to a high brow , high money , high roller event of some social significance where movers and shakers moved and shook . I rubbed shoulders with Knights and Dames and I talked with Doctors and Lawyers and let me tell you something I learned . They stick together like shit to a blanket . They're the very first in there with a sterling silver knife for the Union Persons back but they stick together as if their very existence depended upon that . Oh the irony . Talk about as tight as a ducks arse hole . You couldn't hammer a pin up them with a mallet . Our complex and mind numbingly frustrating legal system is as a briar thicket to which the fleeing ferrets escape through with the chicken . Not so us normals . I got a ticket for not having a WOF on my car . It was only two years since I last had one . Anyway , the cop got a robot in his low slung threat-mobile to vomit out a slip of paper that immediately put me in debt to the tune of two hundy .

We live in strange times .

Who ever said ' It's not what you know , it's who you know , knew a thing or two .

At 29/11/12 7:05 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

@ country boy Thanks (I think LOL) cos even I the author of those discombobulated first coupla paras struggled to read what I had written this morning. First thing in the day I get the old fat fingers quite bad - meaning I need to proof what I write to get the swathe of typos out.
Normally I do this but aside from the over the top amount of hoops we all hafta jump thru to preview & edit on this site, I find the preview mode just dosn't work properly.
There is no word wrap function so the text just meanders across the page and off the screen unless you've hit the carriage return (enter) key at the end of each line.

So Bomber & Tim would it be possible to fix this? I know from friends' remarks that this site would get much more dialog if it was a bit more user friendly.

Countryboy I hafta say I've never had any illusions about the rich or their enablers - NZ's numerous, bitter & hypocritically puritannical petit-bourgeois.

It is prolly considered a lame old tune nowadays, but a pommie music hall song called "Its the same the whole world over" sums up what you said:
It's the Same the Whole World Over

She was just a poor man's daughter,
Victim of the rich man's whim,
For he fucked her and he left her,
With a sore and bleeding quim.

It's the same the whole world over,
It's the poor that get the blame,
It's the rich that get the pleasure,
Ain't it all a bloody shame.

Oh, she went up to the city,
For to hide her bleeding shame,
But a Labour leader (the landlord up and) fucked her,
Put her on the street again.

See him in the House of Commons,
Passing laws to combat crime,
While the victim of his evil,
Walks the streets at night in shame.

See him with his hounds and horses,
See him strutting at his club,
While the victim of his whoring,
Drinks her gin inside a pub.

See him riding in his carriage,
Past the gutter where she stands,
He has made a stylish marriage,
While she wrings her ringless hands.

See him at the fine theater,
In the font row with the best,
While the girl that he has ruined,
Entertains a sordid guest.

See her on the bridge at midnight,
Throwing snowballs at the moon,
She said, "sir, I've never had it,"
But she spoke too fucking soon.

Standing on the bridge at midnight,
Picking blackheads from her crotch,
She said, "Sir, I've never had it,"
He said, "No, not fucking much."

See her standing in Picadilly,
Offering her aching quim,
She is now completely ruined,
It was all because of him.

See him seated in his carriage.
Riding homeward from the hunt,
He got riches from his marriage,
She got sores upon her cunt.

Standing on the bridge at midnight,
Throwing cunt-rags at the moon,
First a scream, a splash, Oh goodness!
Has she done a fucking swoon?

When they dragged her from the river,
Water from her clothes they wrung,
And they thought that she had downed,
Till her corpse got up and sung.....

Then there came a wealthy pimp,
Marriage was the tale he told,
She had no one else to take her,
So she sold her soul for gold.


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