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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tumeke blogging from Labour Conference 2012

Is it BBQ season for Labour?

Not to blow our trumpet, but Tumeke has been at the forefront of the Labour Party leadership tensions before it suddenly became accepted gospel amongst the pundits.

Tumeke was at the first real Labour Cunliffe speech and was one of the first to point out the train-wreck Shearer's media performances had become. Indeed Tumeke was at the infamous iPredict after party that catapulted Shearer into the leadership role amongst the pundits.

Put simply, Tumeke has been amongst it.

Tumeke will be live blogging the Labour Party Conference as Shearer faces his showdown before a membership champing at the bit to replace him. If there is a leadership challenge in the wind, you will hear it here.

The issue to watch will be the trigger that Caucus needs to challenge for leadership. The Caucus are fighting hard to make it 55% from the mooted 68& where as members are pushing hard for a 40% trigger.

If the trigger is lowered to 40% - a challenge would be mounted over the 2013 summer. If the trigger is lowered to only 55% then it means the Shearer leadership will limp along for two more years bleeding but not dying.

This conference will either set the stage for a leadership re-start with members and Unions having a previously unseen level of say on who will lead the Labour Party or it will cement into place an unconvincing leader whose political inexperience was always going to struggle to live up to all the hopes and dreams of the Labour Party.

Fascinating political week ahead.



At 13/11/12 2:07 pm, Blogger Tim said...

OH..........btw, on another issue: Rod Oram on RNZ today with Kethlic Guuuurl. Sure enough hearsay re Steven Joyce. I know who the hell I believe though


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