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Monday, November 12, 2012

Trivial irrelevancies

eh? The who of what?
That's Queen Elizabeth II Square in Auckland, at the bottom of Queen Street. It is a square in name only now, having been destroyed to make way for an open-air bus depot. In similar fashion the monarchy is in name only, having been destoyed by people wanting something utilitarian and reflective of themselves. Prince Charles himself had a hand in eroding what respect remains for the ancient institution when he ditched Diana for Camilla. Although Charles may quip to John Key she was as thick as bat shit, he will at least have the good sense to do it out of earshot of the media. The Tory fascination with royalty doesn't end with bringing back Sirs and Dames and restoring the "QC" for top lawyers - the NZ government has volunteered to draft the succession rules for the monarchy. No, really. That's counted as "modernisation"!


At 12/11/12 10:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! Love that sign; “Get a job ‘royal’ bludgers”. Bravo that dude.

Apparently we won’t know the tab we’ll be footing for this trip until it’s over.

Probably most of us “commoners” will contribute to the cost with getting the royal screw job. Failing that the government will just borrow the necessary funds, pile it on the Everest of debt this country is accumulating and have generation whatever pay it off who knows how many decades down the track. If we knew what the cost would be now or earlier possibly the reception wouldn’t be so rosy.

I’m sure this crooked lot in power here are aiming to impress, at our expense, ass-licking their way up the ladder closer to that 280 million pound sterling cancer a.k.a the Queen. Can we expect in future Sir John Key? Honoured for his efforts in f***king up the country, along with honours for his crooked cronies?

It’s revolting watching a couple of peculiar creeps parading themselves around. Can’t stand Charlie Price of Wails and his la de da deposition or both creeps shaking the hands of “commoners”, who are elated by the experience, even though you notice their hands are gloved. Both are too superior to come in contact with the flesh of filthy “commoners”. Their fetish with gloves makes Michael Jackson’s single white glove look ordinary.

Sickening the Bitchess of Cornball’s awkward hongi, the brim of her fancy expensive designer hat too precious to deal with, hmm… too superior to remove it. The best hongi this upper crust couple could receive is with a fist in the nose.

This trip is a clear exposition of the widening gap between the classes; an upper crust pair and their try hard hosts (Key & co), and the rest of us. While physically the “rest of us” may attend this peculiar spectacle with a few “privileged” to shake gloves with these creeps, that’s the closest experience we could ever share with “them”. Besides that brief spectacle there’s an ever increasing divide in every other way as we are condemned to our glum reality while “they” enjoy their lavish bubble world reality, whose being and prosperity devours any remaining freedoms we may enjoy.

This trip is as enjoyable as an enema, once the crap is gone I’ll be relieved, unfortunately most of us will be burdened with a stink afterwards the duration of which is indeterminate.


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