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Monday, November 19, 2012

To bed... To sleep, perchance to Dream

It is remarkable that at a conference at which the leader of the party is universally said to have performed well, at which a level of wider democratic participation is agreed upon to elect the leader, and at which an election plank housing policy was launched could have resulted in such a public blood bath. You have to hand it to the them (and they would prefer you hand them a knife) - nobody does factional infighting like the NZLP.

Like returning from a wonderful evening out only to be told later on the way home that they were all talking shit about you behind your back. And it was such a nice party. What a downer. And it has all been self-inflicted - a frenzy of fratricide. The ructions have been open and seething online today.

It's all Cunliffe's fault... for being Cunliffe, apparently. And it wouldn't have started if Shearer wasn't at fault... for being Shearer. What an inglorious mess.

I heard Cunliffe on RNZ this morning saying he expected a caucus vote at the earliest and that Shearer would win a leadership vote in caucus - and that it would be unanimous. So it shouldn't be much of a shock to read this afternoon on Labour's website that Shearer has moved:
Labour Leader David Shearer has called his caucus to a meeting in Wellington at 4pm tomorrow.
“I will be seeking the endorsement of my colleagues for the Labour leadership.
“The endorsement I’m seeking will be in line with the decision made by Labour Party members at this weekend’s conference that I must have at least 60% support of the caucus.
“A formal endorsement vote will also still be held in February in accordance with the new rules approved by Party members.
“I’m holding this vote tomorrow to demonstrate that I have the support of my caucus and to put recent speculation to bed.
“It is important that these matters are resolved so that Labour can lift its sights to focus on the serious challenges facing the country, including jobs, education and housing affordability,” said David Shearer.

Note this is not the caucus or the Labour caucus, this is "his caucus". The problem is the "recent speculation" of which he speaks has been stoked primarily by his own supporters - not just the hysteria of Paddy Gower and the parliamentary press pack. It is a resolution to a matter already resolved and therefore an empty gambit. It won't give any sense of a clearing of the air and so has little value beyond a formal recognition of what happened at the weekend's conference. Another coat of varnish on the veneer of power.

Shearer is older, he had his mates (like Phil Goff) at the top of the table to let him in - so he had no time to lose because of his age and he had to take it because the circumstances were he may never have the opportunity again.  Cunliffe on the other hand is a bit younger, doesn't have many mates at the top table and so he can afford to wait for circumstances (like the opinion polls) to change.

As for the speech itself - riddled with the usual cliches - but the substantive policies were BIG policies.  Government part-funding of 100,000 new houses and making landlords insulate their rental properties is a huge move that will cost billions and positively affect hundreds of thousands of lower income people. The procurement policy is a veiled domestic-preference for tendering but could have a life-saving impact on some businesses. Mandatory enrolment in Kiwisaver is another biggie, but far less controversial as the Nats had flagged it as a possibility. Monetary policy and the RBNZ changing to consider the exchange rate (rather than just inflation) is on the cards. A Capital Gains Tax looks locked in; but by exclusion we see a financial transaction tax is not (this still leaves Mana with a few unstolen policies! Read Minto's on FTT).


At 19/11/12 3:56 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I see a blue apple and a red pear having a knife fight in an ally while surrounded by hungry vegans . What the vegans don't know is that the knives are made of foam rubber and the outcome of the scrap has already been decided by the apple and pear supporters three years ago . Unbeknown to the vegan crowd that's gathered , the apple and pear are GE modified carnivorous fruits and as soon as the peas in the pod are all lined up in the Bee Hive they'll turn on the vegans and feast in their lives .

Phil was and is all jolly with Shearer ? I rest my peeler .

At 19/11/12 8:38 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

OMG ! Hahahaha ! I've just been to David Farrar's Kiwiblog ! I'm so going to join . He has a demerit points system in place for miscreants who cuss and cast dispersions ! Haha Oh my God that's great ! Here's a new competition ! Lets see who can get chucked off first with the 100 demerit points in one go ? I bet I can do it Hahahaha ! What a complete cunt ? What a fucking little-cock wanker ! See , I bet I can do it ! Hahahaha! And am I reading it right ? I'm not that bright sadly . Has his blog got , like top spot ? I'm being serious . Then Cameron Slater ???? Is that what # 1 and # 2 mean ? Nooooo ....? Surly not ! ? Noooooooooooooooooooo............. ! ? OMG ! I've been preaching to the converted too long . Lets see what I can do with a complete cunt ! Hahahahahah!

At 19/11/12 9:35 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Yep... "so" (as is the fashionable thing these days to preface everything with..... SO...... it all reminds me of a boomber schoolyard dialogue. "You think you're a hot shit, but you're only a cold fart"

Shearer's definately the cold fart and Cunliffe the hot shit, But that's OK when one considers who Shearer has in his dormitory.
There's very definately a Jonky (who could only ever aspire to cold fart status given the embarrassment a Charles and Camilla's afterthoughts of the guy attest).

Let's hope though that the next election isn;t a contest between cold farts. I doubt it will be. People are getting mighty pissed off and reality is biting.

Thankfully, at the very least........the 'shift right' (in the name of shifting centre) has been thwarted, And we should at least thank a hot shit for that.
Labour though (surprisingly including Chris Hipkins) seem to like the idea of shooting themselves in the foot.

What is it about Labour! Sometimes its MPs need quick sharp kick up the arse - even the Mallard who needs a surprise reminder that he ain'y MR Machismo. Actually I'd be happy to deliver, despite the fact that he's not a bad bloke - just needs his fckin lughole bashed to shitdom.


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