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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Shearer Empire Strikes Back

David Cunllife at 4.10pm today

After the euphoria of the Labour Party rebels beating the Leadership Death Star at the conference by forcing MPs to be more democratic and have to listen to members and unions I should have seen the vicious response brewing.

I didn't.

The Shearer Empire has struck back.

That nasty little piece of work, Chris Hipkins should be done for defamation for lying that Cunliffe was disloyal to two leaders and he should be taken to the NZ Council for his disgusting public attack on Cunliffe who has been one of the few Labour Party MPs who has actually performed.

By the way, whatever else happens over the next 2 years Mr Hipkins, I'm almost certain that you'll get yours.

Little creeps always do.

Let's be 1000% clear here shall we? This is a manufactured leadership crisis by the media.

There. Was. No. Leadership. Challenge!

Patrick Gower asking David Cunliffe 'Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer? Are you going to challenge Shearer?' doesn't a leadership challenge make.

The media who were present had ignored the building tensions that were being expressed on the blogs that the rank and file wanted a 40% threshold and a real say in the Party. Tumeke pointed that out in September, but the MSM couldn't see the nuance and so when the shock of what was actually going on sunk in, they saw it and reported it all as some grand leadership conspiracy being orchestrated by David Cunliffe.

There. Was. No. Leadership. Challenge!

Confusing members and unions wanting real say in the Party for a conspiracy where 'dark forces' as Vernan Small ridiculously called it could take over Labour would be hilarious if the ramifications weren't so evil.

Isn't it interesting how all the right wing mainstream media pundits present had all supported Shearer before the conference and surprise, surprise they rip Cunliffe to shreds.

Todays leadership challenge is a kangaroo court sham, and after the show trial Cunliffe and his supporters will be led outside and shot.

Cunliffe's supposed crime of disloyalty? Not announcing how he will vote in a secret ballot 3 months from now. As Brian Edwards righteously points out in his brilliant blog on the issue...

This fact seems to have escaped the country’s political journalists who could see nothing wrong in demanding that Cunliffe tell them who he intended to vote for in a secret ballot three months from now. Leaving aside the constitutional absurdity of the question, it seemed to escape their notice that Cunliffe does not have a crystal ball to tell him what the state of the parties will be in February 2013, how well Shearer will be faring in the Preferred Prime Minister polls or anything at all about the political landscape against which the ballot will be conducted.

...so Cunliffe is being crucified at 4pm today for not revealing who he will vote for in a secret ballot 3 months from now.

Just think about the extraordinary injustice of that.

I had honestly believed that Shearer had finally listened to the members and unions that they wanted a left wing political vision articulated after all the Pagani beneficiary bashing that defined his first year. The housing policy was great and Shearer presented it without the possum in the headlights look he's adopted in the past, but to take their vengeance at being forced to become more democratic out on Cunliffe goes beyond opportunistic, it's hateful.

By executing Cunliffe and punishing his supporters, Labour are sowing the seeds for a bitter harvest, the first shoots of which will blossom on the blogs.

What a terribly misjudged response to a manufactured leadership crisis.



At 20/11/12 8:09 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

Seem pretty clear now that Shearer must really hate Cunliffe. After all, Shearer could come out and put the record straight with actual facts as opposed to media conjecture. Instead he is seizing the opportunity to get rid of Cunliffe once and for all. Pretty sad state of affairs when you get rid of your best talent just to appease your ego.

At 20/11/12 9:29 am, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Credit where it is due. Top post.
Shearer is nothing more than a meat puppet for the careerists in Wellington, A seat warmer until Robertson feels the time is right.
I am no fan of Cunliffe and like many find him smarmy and untrustworthy but he does not deserve the bile that Alfred E Hipkins fired at him yesterday.
The sooner Labour splits into NZ versus the Clarkist apparatchiks the better.

At 20/11/12 9:30 am, Blogger Adam said...

After a year of making taking rightish positions and giving no sense of understanding core Labour values, Shearer turns up at conference with a video and a speech that's Micky Joseph Savage with a spot of OE in Somalia. His "change" meme dumps on everything Labour has been doing for the past 20 years, since they purged the Rogernomes. And his "I am leader" Great Ming stylee isn't going to get Winston Peters and Russel Norman doing his bidding. Fail.

At 20/11/12 12:09 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Shearer FEARS Cunliffe so I guess that could equate to hate .

Cunliffe is the closet thing non Maori have to Hone Harawira . ( Yeah , I know . )

Cunliffe knows that the top is about to blow off the can of worms that is the Great New Zealand Institutionalized Lie .

Given the enormity of that inevitable event Cunliffe knows just how critical the timing for a leadership challenge will be . And when that happens there will be no doubt or debate I can promise you .

Hipkins is a career politician . Think The New Statesman starring Rik Mayall
Watch the last episode . A brilliant and aprapro end .
Thanks to the Net , his ilk are heading to extinction .


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