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Monday, November 19, 2012

Shouldn't David Shearer be attacking John Key rather than David Cunliffe?

And it begins, retribution.

It seems the Labour Party leadership will take their anger at being forced to be more democratic out on Cunliffe by crucifying and demoting him.

That will be a slap in the face to the membership, a slap in the face to Auckland and a slap in the face to the left wing of the Party.

The media who had no real concept of what happened wrote the democratization of the Party off as a giant leadership coup that could be fueled by 'dark forces' as Vernan Small ridiculously put it.

So instead of fighting John Key and talking about 100 000 new homes, David Shearer and the leadership who did everything they could to smoother allowing members and unions to have their say will publicly whip Cunliffe and demote one of their most talented performers?

Cunliffe hasn't said he would go for a leadership challenge, what he said was that wasn't the issue at hand and that he favored the Party becoming more democratic. How is that a hanging offense?

The leadership were frightened that members and unions wanted a left wing vision articulated rather than the Pagani beneficiary on the roof centrist crap being explored at the beginning of Shearer's reign and it seems to be the leadership are taking their vengeance out on Cunliffe.

Shearer should be fighting Key and talking about his 100 000 new houses to prove he should be the leader of the Labour Party rather than crucifying David Cunliffe.

David Shearer gave a great speech yesterday, it finally articulated a Labour Party vision that didn't disgust the rank and file but the question still remains, outside a room full of supporters can Shearer front foot it one on one with Key?

Shearer should be attempting to answer that question now, instead he will execute David Cunliffe in front of the media.

If you thought this was ugly before, watch where the anger within the leadership takes this now.

PS - Shearer's stumbling performance on FirstLine this morning doesn't help. Is he channeling George W Bush with his 'I will strike at a time of my choosing' stuff?



At 19/11/12 8:17 am, Blogger Jasper said...

Get over it. Cunliffe doesn't have the numbers the unions are supporting Shearer. Cunliffe should do the right thing & resign!

At 19/11/12 8:26 am, Blogger Bomber said...

That's not true - Moira Coatsworth was replaced as the introduction - Shearer doesn't have the unions on board - they forced the changes upon Labour leadership

At 19/11/12 8:31 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Are you really that naive Bomber? I hope Cunliffe isn't otherwise he will continue in the tradition of labour 'martyrs' such as John Lee n jelly belly Jim Anderton, providing a small ray of hope occassionally but mostly over-arching frustration for lefties.

We all know that the first person Shearer spoke to after he was made leader, was Sky lobbyist Tony O’Brien. Why? So O'Brien cut a deal allowing the total foreign takeover of NZ's media to continue unabated. The issue O'Brien would have been most concerned about was that Shearer continues the slide of TVNZ into contempt and irrelevance. Oh and no rocking the boat on NewsCorps ultra fast broadband monopoly.

So of course NZ's foreign owned media (fishwraps such as the herald, dominion and sunday star times as well as TV3 )were going to screech as though Cunliffe had raped a virgin at the first sign their 'cosy' arrangement was endangered. I expected Cunliffe to be ready for that. All he had to do was swear fealty to The Drip on Sunday arvo, then wait for the next three months as Shearer piled blunder upon incompetence, mixed metaphor upon malapropism.
By the time he made his move in February no one would have cared about what he said at conference because by then even Ardern & Robertson would be sweating over being chained to a total toss pot.

Put simply it doesn't matter what Cunliffe says when, as soon as he is leader NZ's foreign owned media will go apeshit and the few remaining cardigan wearering hacks at tvnz will follow suit since what's left there hasn't had an original story since about 1972.
All Cunliffe's 'honesty' has done is extend the period of haranguing. For the next three months the focus will shift off Key's sleaze and onto Labour division.
Then if Cunliffe gets up he will cop nothing but shit right up to November 2014, if he doesn't and Shearer loses the media will say that Labour lost because Cunliffe divided them.
Don't you mob ever think this stuff thru?
Cunliffe needs to act smarter if he wants to get down to it, he isn't just taking on the lamers in the Labour Party, he's going into battle with NZ Inc and he better recognise that.


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