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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shell's Greenpeace shame

Greenpeace protesters asked to pay $700,000
Arguments over the large amount of reparation being called for from Greenpeace protesters are delaying their sentencing.

Eight Greenpeace protesters, headed by Lucy Lawless, are being asked to pay $700,000 after pleading guilty earlier this year to illegally boarding the drillship Noble Discoverer in February.

The protest disrupted preparations for the ship's departure from Port Taranaki, New Plymouth to the Arctic.

Trying to threaten Greenpeace with $700 000 in damages is ludicrous when you consider that it is Shell who should be paying damages to us all for their commitment to make more climate change.

Corporations that are part of the problem deserve all the contempt Greenpeace can associate with their brand.



At 27/11/12 10:26 am, Blogger Arto said...

Fuk that I'll never buy fuel from Shell ever again!

At 27/11/12 2:47 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Fuk that I'll never buy fuel from Shell ever again!
Not hard to do, since there are no Shell stations in NZ! (They were all sold to Z some time ago).

At 27/11/12 7:29 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Nitrium . Hey ! That's not fair ! @ Arto was being genuine and you're splitting semantics .

Fuk Shell indeed !

I bought a 1962 Dodge Dart . It was more cool than Ice T and I was exceptionally cool in it and I had many , many women friends because of it . Most of them felt safe around me because they all thought I was Gay but what the Hell . Good Girl company is more than fucking which I'm very glad I discovered early on . They wash clothes AND cook too . Hahahhaa !

My Dodge Dart had a 313 cu in V8 made in Detroit Michigan . The car however was assembled here , in Nu Zild ironically by Todd Motors .

I say ironically because Todd Group had an agreement with the a-fore mentioned Nu Zild gubbament ( Oh My Ghod ! I'm talking Jonky ! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! ! ! ! )

As I was writing ...
Todd had a deal where-by they sucked out LPG and sold it on to us AND offered an excellent subsidy for those who converted vehicles to LPG as an incentive . My Dodge was thus converted and fuck it went well !

It was smooooth like myself and ran a clean tail pipe , also like myself and once when I drove our friends , and that was back in the day when I actually had friends , to the West Coast for a giggle mainly because we were all stoned most of the time . That was in about the Mid 80's . It returned a petrol / price per liter of 42 MPG ! Huh ? Huh ?

LPG is a great , great fuel . It's clean , was readily available and was cheap as fucking chips man ! The fact that our entire car fleet isn't using a resource THAT WE HAVE MORE OF PER HEAD OF POPULATION IN THE WORLD ! ! ! HELLO ! ! ! Hell- The FUCK -O ! is part of the great NZ lie /swindle I like to raise blood pressure to .

Of course that wouldn't do . Todd was stiffed by political crooks . So Todd pulled the plug on sucking out LPG and offering it to the NZ motorist at greatly reduced prices AFTER subsidizing the installation of the simple hardware necessary . Now , you can buy NZ LPG cheaper in Australia than here ! Yes , you can ! Why ? Ask Shell . Oh ! And if we go all TPP ? Shell could sue our arses off if we complain . ( Russell Norman on TV 3 this morning was fucking brilliant ! Seriously ! )

I can hear the Hand Wringer fraternity wailing ' Oh but LPG produces Green House Gases , namely C0 2 . ' To that I say ' So the fuck do you so shut your gassy trap ! ' ( CO2 is heavier than air so how the fuck does it get way the fuck up there ? )

Those fucking cunt political fucks then sold OUR LPG to fucking Shell . Did I mention I have Tourette's syndrome ?

I'm very , and genuinely sorry for my using the ' fuck ' and ' cunt ' words so much , some might argue too much , but I feel they have merit here . Call me old fashioned . FUCK !


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