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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scenes from Shearer Strikes Back

In a Labour Party Caucus far far away....
Princess Ardern is concerned Labour's poll ratings are as frozen solid as Hoth
Granto Robertrissian becomes concerned the deal he's cut with Darth Shearer is causing the Party to meltdown.
Moira Coatsworth isn't happy either.
Boba Mallard explaining to Darth Shearer that he'll handle the media. "The dark side of the force is very strong in Patrick Gower."
Bounty Hunter Chris Hissock is sent to hunt down Cunliffe Solo
Darth Shearer "Cunliffe, I am old enough to be your father".
Cunllife Solo at 4.10pm today



At 20/11/12 2:45 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Politics 101 made easy for the Great Unwashed...?

At 20/11/12 4:09 pm, Blogger Kay said...

The Bounty Hunter image is more reminiscent of Patrick Gower. The media behaviour at Conference was predatory like a pack of hyenas. No interest in the great policies being debated just a bloodthirsty wish to make something happen. The resulting story was a massive exaggeration of the reality but now everyone is playing for the cameras. I'm disappointed by the supposedly intelligent left bloggers being no better than rightish paparazzi.

At 21/11/12 1:01 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Excellent archetypal visual imagery of what is going on, Bomber.Thanks for cheering me up.

This pathetic-ness exuding from NZLP is utterly devastating at a time when many would have been thinking things couldn't get any worse.

Might I suggest that "The Blob" might also be good visual imagery? Where NZ politics and media are being taken over by this big slimy murky-coloured blob. I would consider "The Blob" a fairly accurate illustration of big-money interests personified.

Thanks again


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