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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peter Jackson tries to re-edit history of The Hobbit

I loved the Hobbit and LOTR as a kid, they were the first two books I read as an 8 year old. But I find Hobbit hysteria to be as twee as the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra. Has Warner Bros trade marked our entire country yet?

It's bad enough that crony capitalism between Jackson and Key has led to our tourism brand being down graded from 100% pure to 100% semi-racist-Aryan-fantasy-written-by-a- potty-English-professor, but having to also listen to Jackson re-edit the history of the manufactured crisis at the Hobbit is just too much.

Jackson is clearly sweating his legacy as a union busting director in the same mould of hysteria as 1950s Mccarthyism and is now spinning that it was once again the Actors Union who almost cost NZ having the Hobbit filmed here.

Which is of course nonsense.

We know his public comments yesterday are nonsense because his private emails released under the Official Information Act gave a completely different perspective didn't they...

Sir Peter: Actors no threat to Hobbit
Sir Peter Jackson told the Government he did not believe an international actors' boycott would force The Hobbit overseas, emails show.

The message, sent to the office of Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee on October 18, is in stark contrast to comments the film-maker made earlier in the month.

Having to put up with Jackson repeat his paranoid union hysteria to justify breaching our sovereignty to re-write labour law for a foreign corporation is a shrieking-bespectacled-elf-speaking-hobbit-eared-Wellington-fan fucktard too far.

You just know that as those Warner Bros Executives flew back to America on their corporate jet after doubling their corporate subsidy and having our laws re-written for them, that they were laughing their arse's off, popping the champagne corks and referring to us 'Shire folk'.



At 28/11/12 11:19 am, Blogger countryboy said...

But we are ' Shire Folk ' . We , us Kiwis are rapidly becoming extinct too . When the advertising industry ( And lets face it . That's what the MSM-esque film industry has become all about ) pimps our lifestyle as if it's a brand , it becomes a brand . And when a lifestyle becomes a brand , it becomes extinct as a lifestyle and becomes a brand which , when it loses it's commercial novelty / value , becomes extinct . There fore , we're fucked .
Call me arrogant if you must But I must congratulate myself for actually describing that which is at the very root cause of our distresses . The dissemination of our society , the ruination of our evolving culture and the Grand Theft of our resources and that is the commercialization of an entire people . That's why societies can survive wars to emerge better , stronger and more connected ( As history will attest to . ) But not when some one builds a Walmart in a community . The Indians are about to find out all about that . High rise slums die where-as conventional slums prosper as stupid well educated people fly about in silly airplanes getting pissed because their greedy itches have been scratched .

Seen this ?

Years ago a friend of mine and a pilot flew LOTR's fans through the southern mountains and had to listen to them gabble on in Elvish to each other and point and go all Ooooh and Aaaaaah . After an endless stream of whining American Elves went one step too far he developed a technique where by he would make them all violently air sick . He would swoop and dive . They'd spew and gag but he said they were a resilient lot and would soon be back in La La Land cheery as ever but holding the contents of their stomachs in small paper bags .

The headstone on Humanity will read . 'It seemed like a good idea at the time . ' Haha !

Dear old Pete Jackson's become a narcissistic egotist .That's the consequences of too many pats on the head and not enough kicks up the arse .

At 28/11/12 12:29 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Afraid so @ Countryboy. I've no doubt he's familiar with Wellington's Devon Street and its associated streets and the people that contributed to his "early years". I just hope he's also conscious of the way he's shat one them. I think he is - hence some of the recent "announcements" from Lord Peter.
While he's at it, he (and dear Fran) should realise he has no better right to the Miramar Penninsular than the lowliest of the low little old lady that's lived there all her life (she might well have buried most of here kith and kin there).
And while he's at it - CUT THE FUCKING CRAP PETER and just get on with it. And, more than that - don't corrupt the Wairarapa - it's corrupt enough as it is

At 28/11/12 12:45 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Oh.... my point was that Peter has been re-editing history all his life - just has most do, especially after finding their positions of comfort

At 29/11/12 10:42 am, Blogger Caleb said...

This whole 'Wellywood' business reminds me of this song about North and South California: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GqGNmcjWDY

"You film hack, I don't use your pay"


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