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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paul Henry won't be back on TVNZ - there is a God!

Paul Henry will not be coming back to TVNZ to host the 7pm time-slot so we can be thankful for small mercy's, although I note it wasn't TVNZ coming to their senses and realizing a racist minority bashing redneck wasn't acceptable as a 7pm current affairs host, it's because he can't get out of his Mediaworks contract.

In todays bastardized media environment where X-Factor and NZ's got very little talent are deemed 'public broadcasting' we are left for small miracles like the inability to get out of a Mediaworks contract.



At 18/11/12 10:34 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Over the last couple of weeks those few TVNZ execs who didn't come down the river from england in a banana boat last year, and who actually have spent sufficient nights not partying like its 1994, remembered another great ratings saver prediction which back-fired and cost a couple TVNZ execs their safe as houses lifetime stipend gig. That was when News & Current affairs first believed their own lame celebrity PR and paid millions of taxpayer dollars to secure John Hawkesby from TV3. An unmitigated disaster for execs who were (shock quelle horreur!) actually held accountable by the then new Clark govt.
So the word I'm getting is that the current execs got nervous about offering Henry a straight upfront telephone number deal. His oodles of dosh were contingent upon TVOne post newshour ratings going into sustained recovery. Henry has suffered two good solid ass whuppings from audiences and sponsors both times he anchored flagship TV shows, so he decided a bird in the hand (his grossly over the top Media works cash) was better than the one in the bush whose attractiveness seems, shall we say, rather debatable.
If he took the TVNZ deal which would negate the mediaworks 'arrangement' and it didn't work, his 'brand' would be further tarnished & even if mediaworks took him back they certainly wouldn't be offering what he can insist on now.
Jeez its a hard life being a scumbag ain't it?

At 18/11/12 2:12 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

I've just seen the Radioworks new adverts that are being made .... Henry's in them for the drive-time slot!has anyone told Andrew Pattisson that he's about to be made unemployed?


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