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Monday, November 19, 2012

NZ has been hit by a bus and John Key is the driver

NZ has been hit by a bus and John Key is the driver. His claim he's left NZ in better shape is true-ish because Key sometimes drives a tank.

I've always suspected our wide eyed multi-millionaire money trader with the Hawaiian mansion lives in a bubble world utterly disconnected from the reality of poverty and if you consider the quotes by Key over the years that poor people are to blame for their poverty, you'd conclude he's actually delusional.

NZ has 7.3% unemployment, 270 000 kids in poverty and the highest level of inequality we've ever seen in NZ.

Rod Oram puts this myth that Key has made NZ better place to the sword...

The Key government’s economic strategy is delivering two deeply damaging outcomes – weak growth and environmental degradation.

Blaming the global financial crisis for slowing growth and rising unemployment, the government pushes its strategy ever harder, blind to the realities.

The truth is our exports are growing more slowly than our major markets overseas; and the global financial system is stable and offering very low interest rates.

So our problems are here, not out there. This is an economy deeply constrained by physical and financial limits. Rightly our households, still among the most indebted in the OECD, are saving more and consuming less. All our major exporters can only grow volume slowly, and value barely at all.

Claiming NZ is in a better place now than when Key found it suggests the view from Planet Key is so narrow it's fictitious.



At 19/11/12 1:34 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Anybody who didn't already know any of this (or didn't see it coming) has been in a coma for the last four years. Since 2008, we have officially been living in a me, me, me society -and who better to lead it?

At 19/11/12 8:09 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

In a sense Key is right . He has left it in [NZ] in better shape . The rich NZ . The privialaged NZ . The freshly landed Uber Riche foreign owned NZ . They're having a great time . Been to Queenstown lately ? There's fucking Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5's for Africa . Been to Aranui recently ? There's fucking spew , tagging , blood stains and smashed bus stops for Africa .


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