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Friday, November 16, 2012

Matthew Hooton first right winger to call for Shearer to stand down in favour of Cunliffe in NBR today

Actual image of the Labour Party Conference Breakfast this morning.

The chorus of right wingers slavishly worshipping Shearer from the NZ Herald, Fran O'Sulivan, Farrar, Slater and Cathy Odgers (and let's not forget Audrey Young's love fest for Fox News democrat and Shearer supporter Josie Pagani) has been deafening, but that changed in the NBR today with Hooton's column calling on Labour to replace Shearer with Cunliffe.

The iPredict market dropped in one day from 90% certainty that Shearer would be leader on March 1st 2013 to 51% and Hooton looks like he wants to be the first right winger to call a shift in the wind.



At 16/11/12 10:08 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Yea, but unfortunately - given the public references made to "bloggers" uttered with distane (if that's how u spell it) by Labminsters, they're going to have to learn the lesson the hard way.

As we know...Labour's always had a habbit of shooting itself in the foot - this little episode is like a Pike River moment.
Hello Russell and Greens; Hello Mana; Hello Winnie (even) - many many hard core Labourites are thinking - (I know of an entire extended family of them).

Oh btw - that Catholic Guuuuuuuurl on Natrad is still occasionally pushing a Pagani as being "........from the LEFT...." - often alongside a Hooten. Has the pendulum actually swung THAT far to the right over the past quater century? - must have!

It's a shame the uncommitted voter doesn't stumble upon National Radio when it all goes down...... I pray as I listen and as Catholic Guuuurl does her best to save him (unsuccesfully) from his making a complete dick of himself.


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