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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mark Unsworth - he likes his scientists gagged

According to Mark Unsworth, only butterflies and rainbows pop out of these holes.

I've met Mark once, he was on the 2010 Backbenchers show I was on making political predictions for the 2011 year ahead.

Unsworth along with Farrar snorted and jeered at my claim that Hone would launch a new political party.

I enjoyed wiping the smirk of both their faces. Unsworth is that sort of spin doctor who gives snake oil merchants a bad name and his latest grossness is this late night email to scientist Dr Mike Joy where Unsworth effectively attempts to gag a scientist from pointing out the utter falsehood of our clean green brand to the New York Times.

It's a brand so damaged that Key's first move as Tourism Minister was to kill off 100% Pure and deform it into 100% Middle Earth so as to avoid claims of greenwash.

We are 40% Pure and 60% cowshit now thanks to Key's farming buddies who wash more filth into our rivers while stealing the remaining fresh water for their ever increasing intensification of dairy farming.

Normally this would just be an arsehole mouthing off, but Unsworth is one of the Nazgul. Unsworth has personal contacts that go deep into the heart of the Government, so when he threatens a scientist it carries real malice.

This is Mark in 2010...

PM's adviser living it up in Sin City
John Key's right-hand man is living it up with big-spending lobbyists in the casinos of Las Vegas, sparking questions about their influence on Government policy.

The Prime Minister's chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, has spent the past week enjoying a shootin', smokin' and boozin' trip to "Sin City". He has been travelling with NZ Post chief executive Brian Roche, and lobbyists Mark Unsworth and Roger Sowry - a former National Party deputy leader who remains a member of John Key and Bill English's inner circle.

...so the spin doctor for Caltex, British Gas and Air New Zealand who parties in Los Vegas with the PMs Chief of Staff shouldn't in any way shape or form be attempting to gag, silence, threaten or intimidate scientists who are honest about our environmental record.

Climate change and the damage to our environment must remain a debate where science is the final adjudicator, Unsworth is trying to drag the debate into the world of spin where smoking doesn't cause cancer and the Dairy lobby have frolicking cows that never poo.

The types of veiled threats Unsworth makes just after midnight to scientists should concern us all.



At 27/11/12 6:42 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Amazing ! I never knew Paula Bennett had a tail . Huh ? There ya go ...


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