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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Josie Pagani - the 'left' wing option when the msm need the pretense of balance

Josie Pagani has taken more work away from me than Mitt Romney has exported jobs from America!

She's the left wing option for the msm when they want a pretend balance. If you have ever listened to her in her numerous commentary roles you can't actually tell who is the right wing opinion and who is the left wing opinion. The msm love her because she's not left wing, she's 'centre-left', that bullshit political space taken up by those who don't really stand for much more than a managed decline.

Her growing list of mainstream media appearances will cement off any real debate breaking out in the msm highlighting why the blogs are so important in providing actual debate, the very same blogs the Labour Party front bench were so passionately stomping on the back of the neck of yesterday.

Talking of wolves in sheep's clothing, The NZ Herald, David Farrar and Fran O'Sullivan are all calling for Shearer to stay, because they all love the left eh?

God knows why the left are accepting of leadership tips from the right wing who have a vested interest in seeing Shearer fail in the one on ones with Key in 2014.



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