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Monday, November 26, 2012

February Democracy - it begins

Guy Fawkes in February?

And it begins. The reverberations of the emotional violence for political ends meted out at the Labour Party Conference was always going to start online and it has in the form of the February Democracy movement by Labour Party members who want a leadership challenge in February to energize the membership and give the leader a real mandate...

We are New Zealand Labour Party members committed to a party wide, open and transparent leadership election in February 2013. Description

At the 2012 Conference, delegates voted to implement new rules for the election of its leaders in accordance with its social democratic values.

We are New Zealand Labour Party members who are committed to the members having their collective voice heard. We believe that the new process for electing a leader should be tested, initiated by the MPs voting in February 2013 to trigger such an election.

The election would take place under the 20/40/40 electoral college, which places more power into the hands of Labour members and the affiliates. We believe that as we move into the 2014 election, it is vital that the members are involved.



At 26/11/12 10:52 am, Blogger Molten Metal Show said...

Thats the problem. You let the MPs have a say! We, the workers are the members! We should have a say. The MPs should be told this is who we want as our leader! And lastly they need to be told: You the Labour Party represent the union movemnet/ the working people of this country. NOT middle NZ! Turn your back on the working people at your peril!


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