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Monday, November 26, 2012

Fear and Loathing

This is a guest blog post. The author needs no elaborate introduction. Mr Ross Meurant.

This is a Time of fear and loathing.
 This is a time we must creep about in servile fearfulness.
This is a time of fear and loathing.
This is a time when our guardians are dangerous.
This is a time when they who guard the guardians are also the guardians.
This is a time when our Courts are weak.
This is a time not long after a time when police invoked draconian anti terror laws abrogating rights and freedoms we had enjoyed since Magna Carta - on the grounds of spurious untested “police intelligence” -some of which was illegally obtained – and used as a basis to secure warrants from unsuspecting judiciary – to catapult the nation onto a terror alert footing from Tuhoe to Auckland.
This is a time when our police covertly conspire with foreign governments and break the laws of our land.
This is a time when covertly conspiring with a foreign government by our military would be treason.
This is a time when to behave in such a matter while a Minister of the Crown, would be perfidy.
This is a time when bandana wearing machine gun toting police anti terrorist AOS tactical unit members jump from helicopters to terrorise pregnant women, children and smugly describe an injury to a man cowering on the floor before them as an “accidental” stomp on his hand.
This is a time when the police officer in charge of such a raid called to account before a Court of Law, with contumacious arrogance informs the Court that he will first check with a foreign power before acquiescing caveat from a judge of the Highest Court in our land.
This is a time when called to account for their conduct before a Court of Law for one of the most bizarre agent provocateur cases in western judicial annuls, police justify their illegal means by their ends and defiantly appeal against rebuke and sanction by one of our judges.
This is a time – thirty two years in fact after a Royal Commission of Enquiry pardoned a man for two murders but also identified two police officers as having fabricated evidence to secure the convictions of the pardoned man – that police still do not accept the pardon nor the rejection by the Appeal Court of an appeal against the Commission findings – and protest that the Royal Commission “was wrong”.
This is a time when the police ignore the rule of law but are the law.
This is a time when police marksmen can miss their target several times but accidentally kill an innocent passer-by, yet escape culpability for a transparent negligent killing – which is prima facie manslaughter.
This is a time when the Independent Police Complaints Authority - which is nothing more or less than a glorified government investigation unit – usurps the role of our Courts by deciding the culpability of killings such as described above, in camera and not in a formal Court of law.
This is a time when the Government Communications & Security Bureau breaks the laws of our land and spy illegally – in the name of freedom from tyranny for the people of Aoteoroa.
This is a time when the calibre of police ministers our nation has endured for too long has been, in the writers view, a procession of dogs being wagged by the tail.
This is a time when, as Edmund Burke once wrote, when: 
No man committed greater evil than to believe that because he could do not much he should do nothing.
This is a time when you must stand firm.
This is a time when you must and defend your rights but more important, defend the integrity of your country.
Ross Meurant

This is Mr Meurant's first blog post for TUMEKE! Next: Error of Judgement



At 26/11/12 10:15 am, Blogger Richard Christie said...

This post merits wider dissemination.

At 26/11/12 5:30 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Are you fucking serious ! ? This post certainly does merit wider dissemination . This is fantastic ! Another stitch has popped in the Great NZ lie , Swindle and Cover-Up .

At 26/11/12 10:45 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

So ... having said that . How DO you feel about the catastrophic social/financial blitzkrieg you and your mates saw fit to dump on us just to make a quid to use an old school parlance ?
Police corruption is as old as prostitution and to use an unfortunate phrase ' go hand in hand ' if one were to take a close look . Nothing new there . What was new though was the infestation of neo liberal money grabbing and you would have been in the thick of it if for no other reason than by innocent association one would fucking hope .

We did stand firm , to use another unfortunate pun but you and your mates ate us alive . How much money did you make ? If you made millions like some did , can I have some ? I would've had a 15 mil, three thousand acre sheep station but your colleagues and the BaNk naZis took that with interest rates at or above 22 % off two old people and a naive school kid after a life time of hard work .
If rage , Mr Meurant was electricity I could poke an extension cable up my arse and feed into the National grid and lets face it . Them fancy Big City Lawyers , Top Cops and Judges have more than enjoyed a noble tradition of wielding power over vulnerable and damaged people and who know all about having things shoved up their bottoms by prostitutes . Women whom are mostly single parents trying to get by I might add .

I can only assume that since you're here ( If in fact you are here and this isn't some wacky joke ) you must be repenting or arse covering which must mean there's some very , very interesting material to come .

At 27/11/12 3:18 pm, Blogger Arto said...


At 2/12/12 7:23 pm, Blogger Mike H said...

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