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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear TVNZ - I don't want to be 'close up' with Paul Henry, I want that racist clown very, very, very far away from me

So Paul Henry is so racist, he can't even make it in Australian Breakfast TV, no fear, TVNZ in a move so low it's sub-gutter will warmly welcome him back to 7pm.

Can we remove the pretense that TVNZ are a public broadcaster now? Espousing racism, sexism and the ability to offend as many minorities in a single episode as possible isn't so much public broadcasting as it is hate mongering.

The new show name ideas being considered at the moment are, 'The Burning Cross of Truth', 'No more Darkie Malarky at 7' and 'I love John Key weeknights'.

We all know what is going to happen here. TVNZ won't be able to manage him again and he will end up saying something so racist or sexist or homophobic that we all gasp while he's screaming that we don't have a sense of humour.

Just because he does a really unfunny game show on TV3 doesn't mean he still isn't the grand cyclops of NZ broadcasting, just in time to replace Paul Holmes.

Whaleoil at Truth, Paul Henry back on TV & the National Party Chief of staff appointed to TVNZ- ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 3 horsemen of the media apocalypse.

The 4th horsemen would be Joise Pagani and Jane Clifton teaming up to editors of The Listener.

For those who will gag at the thought of Paul Henry at 7, I'll have some great news to announce shortly where you will have a choice of who you want to watch at 7 for your current affairs on a nationwide TV signal.



At 14/11/12 10:51 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

Say what you want, but you know Henry will be a huge ratings winner for TVNZ. While Campbell struggles to bring NZers real news and proper investigative journalism, Paul Henry will be making his usual racist/sexist/homophobic quips and slurs. Everyone will tune in to just see what outrageous thing he says next. NZers love the guy, 'cos, you know, "he just says what everyone else is thinking". Whatever.

At 14/11/12 11:24 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber . Yes but ...
Paul Henry plays a vital role here and I think he should in fact be encouraged back to TV . He's exactly the nasty , crafty , sniping git that is the very necessary dissenter we need to have in media to create balance . Without fools ( A very rich and clearly influential fool though he may be ) like him , how are we ever going to know ? He's a bit like an anti-body to keep the immune system on alert for other dangerous pathogens . At least he's out in the open now and we can clearly see what he's up to . In exactly the same way as creepy Cameron Slater . Now , after he essentially outed himself as a flared nostrilled Hater ( Because it will earn him a decent living , other wise I doubt he could really give a fuck either way . ) When the greater population just laugh at Slater or Henry it will be then that you know you have won your noble cause . To enlighten . To inform . To re-humanize . To reconnect Nu Zild / Aotearoa Mate . You're on the right track , just let those fuckers dig their own graves .

The role of the dissenter .

To bang on ; We can't kill every pedophile , murderer , thief , psychopath , sociopath , lawyer , banker , real estate agent , accountant or those particularly hideous people who can be cruel to furry little animals for a giggle . You know ? Like what Paula Bennett does to bennies ? Create them then torture them . Now, while I'm far from being anything even vaguely resembling some kind of God botherer , I'd say that was Evil . It's the devils you can't see in plain sight that are still the problem .

At 14/11/12 2:16 pm, Blogger recluse said...

Way to revitalise a programme TVNZ, hiring a loser that couldn’t make it over the ditch. Why must we be burdened with this sleazy putrid stain on our screens? This thing you call Paul Henry.

Amazing how TVNZ resorted to destroying someone’s (Sainsbury) career for the purpose of accommodating this contentious creep just because his breakfast show was a failure, cronyism at its finest. Looks like Sainsbury was on the outer edge of the crony circle and thus expendable.

With the evident shift in the MSM in recent times more to the right, if media was interested in increasing their profits how about content which is more balanced and in-depth, something to attract a wider audience than excluding a potential 50% of the market of those with left-wing sympathies. With a crowded MSM marketplace of right wing drivel in some bizarre competition, obviously this is promoting the other potential half of the market elsewhere, i.e. the net, with a multitude of choice and a free lunch. The current situation is the stuff that constitutes the banana republic.

Considering TV in this country, there’s the unholy relationship of TVNZ and Sky, both of which showcase a stagnant and dismal line up of programming. Notice overseas, Australia, Europe, US, etc. Pay TV networks have many more documentary and news channels than here. What has Sky done in this department in recent times? Just rebrand the Documentary channel to BBC Knowledge and just stick RT to the line-up. Big diddly deal, swing your dish around to Optus D2 and you can receive RT for free along with NHK World and Press TV. TVNZ 7 was brilliant but that got the axe. No commitment anywhere to informative programming.

The unholy TVNZ/ Sky meld is representative of this country’s corporate bludger culture, just rake in the cash for doing f**k all. As it stands, I’d be happier to see TVNZ sacrificed and privatised in exchange for retaining the rest of our assets, the public funding TVNZ is shooting oneself in the foot, just as all taxes today are for many, a slush fund for public disservice.

If TVNZ wants to increase their ratings without pulling out a finger and delivering anything informative, how about turning TV One into a free to air pornography channel? Appeal once again to the lowest common denominator.

With Paul Henry on TV, viewing the sleaziest hard-core pornography attracts less remorse than watching that dick.

Close the boarder to him, revoke his citizenship, and let the Aussies decide what to do with him while he’s detained in Nauru. If he’s lucky and gains asylum, a family can earn money keeping him in their linen closet.

At least he accomplished something, since he’s reviled both sides of the Tasman at least he’s building bridges over any divide between both countries, an unwitting sort of ambassador for ANZAC unity.

At 14/11/12 7:22 pm, Blogger Manish said...

isn't this the guy who called indians dick in shit?


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