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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

David Farrar hates Home Brew and wants them banned from music show awards

The new Ministry of Music will be overseen by David Farrar

Far right masquerading as lite right propagandist for the National Party, David Farrar, he of the cloven foot, has decided that not only is he a pollster for the Government, he's also a music critic???

In his latest post, Farrar decides he hates Home Brew and wants them banned because they don't like John Key.

He is pressuring RIANZ to dump Homebrew and is pressuring Vodaphone who sponsors the music awards to stop doing so.

Any other blogger who speaks like this would just get a shrug, but for someone with as many fingers in John Key's pies, when Farrar says it, it has menace.

What other artists would Farrar like to add to his communist mccarthyism watch list so that we can ban them and not allow their songs to cause thought crimes in our minds?

Do we really want far right bloggers who double as Government pollsters stopping musicians from expressing political opinions he doesn't like?

Isn't there something a little creepy about someone as socially awkward as Farrar wanting a say on what music gets funded and doesn't get funded?

Every day that passes under National, NZ grows a little more fascist doesn't it?



At 14/11/12 2:19 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber . ' Do we really want far right bloggers who double as Government pollsters stopping musicians from expressing political opinions he doesn't like? '

Answer ; Yes , yes we do ! Bring it on ! The further that tin pot Fuhrer goes down La La lane the sooner the Great White Right voter will realize they've sided with a political party who's fervent supporters are complete nutters .

You must have seen films ( or read books ) where that's been shown . A charismatic person is followed to the ends of the earth by his /or her supporters only for them to find the person whom they followed is completely and totally insane on all levels .

Slater ? Incourage the bastard .

' You go Slater ! Wooooo ! Yeah !!!! Burn a book ! Send a sympathy card to Putin ! Woooo ! Stoke up the ovens ! Invade Australia ! Paul Henry was a roaring success there , you can be too !

At 14/11/12 3:52 pm, Blogger Paul said...

Home Brew is going to be gutted that David Fuckwit Farrar wants him banned. The best thing Farrar can do is listen to the song slowly and carefully.Home Brew is the best talent NZ's put out in ages.

At 14/11/12 8:12 pm, Blogger Arto said...

I just purchased "Listen to us" offa itunes for a buck seventy-nine! Thanks Farrer!

At 14/11/12 11:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like Farrar is advocating for NZ’s version of the G W Bush years in the US, wouldn’t be surprised if many right leaning radio executives would be keen on limiting airplay to anyone perceived to be criticising their beloved leader.


Recall prominent controversies such as banning the Dixie Chicks from radio airtime due to their denouncement of Bush:


Or the bizarre arrest and deportation of Yusuf Islam a.k.a. Cat Stevens, based on claims of supporting terrorism, even though his music and work is renowned for promoting peace. Unsurprising as pacifism was a sin during the Bush years.

Lunatics like Farrar can promote the oppression of music but it is sheer folly, for history has shown oppression only brings out the best in music. Consider the Afro-Americans who slaved in the fields whose work songs later inspired the blues then Jazz, R&B and rock. Or the banning of jazz and swing in Nazi occupied Europe, where the resistance in France and Germany would listen to it in underground clubs called discotheques. During the 60’s and early 70’s disco music would be influenced by minorities in the US and later spread worldwide, afterwards spawning hip-hop and the modern dance music scene.

So Farrar if you want to try eff music up, bring it on bitch!

At 15/11/12 8:54 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Oooh ! ? Farrar ! Not bloody Slater as in my mistake in my previous comment .
Oh my God . He's beyond vile . I saw him on TV once . He looks like a rat that's suffering hair loss that's had a stroke . What the fuck reality is this that , that cold soul has some kind of an opinion that others might lower themselves to debate ? Imagine being lost on a desert island with slater and farrar ? I bet it'd be a great show . They'd get married and have babies . They'd be lovely together . I can imagine a load of Indonesian boat people coming upon us . They'd say ' What the fu... ! ? ' Sound ludicrous ? That's how the world sees us .

At 15/11/12 4:37 pm, Blogger emerson said...


At 15/11/12 4:37 pm, Blogger emerson said...


At 15/11/12 5:16 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ emerson . Thank you man / woman / human-being .

' I'm living off the real world , off my girlfriend . ' Hahah !

Brilliant . These guys are dope .

Is that what you young people say ?

Silly little farrar . Farrar ! Try Datura , please . Go to a cliff and follow the birdys . It'd be a short flap but a happy one .


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