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Friday, November 23, 2012

Citizen A with Mike Lee & Julie Fairey - Labour Party meltdown

Citizen A with Mike Lee & Julie Fairey

Issue 1: What is the fall out from the Labour Party leadership meltdown?

Issue 2: How can Auckland make housing affordable?

and Issue 3: Key says he has left NZ in a better place than when he found it. Which begs the question, how on earth did he find it?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV

Citizen A will move to Sky TV on their new public broadcasting channel 'Face TV' in 2013.



At 23/11/12 11:23 pm, Blogger Zoe Black said...

Re: Housing.

Because of the housing market there are a growing number of children who's families are forced to move multiple times during their formative years.

This is known to cause psychological issues as well as educational ones.

WE HAVE CHILDREN ATTENDING MORE THAN 10 SCHOOLS BEFORE SECONDARY! This is almost commmon with low/middle income earners.

At 24/11/12 8:17 am, Blogger Phil said...

Re: " Public Broadcasting On Sky" I know an oxymoron when I see one.
HaHa HAhaHa Ha! What a complete nonsense! What beneficence of Mr Fellit of Sky to further kneecap a nascent "public Broadcasting channel." Dr Peter Thompson, media Studies academic got it right, you cannot have " public broadcasting" behind a paywall and not available to all of the public. HaHaha ha a aaa...argh. I have given up on TVNZ and MSM in lil' ol' Nu Zild.

At 24/11/12 10:31 am, Blogger Tim said...

@ Phil 8:17: Exactery!!
@ Bomber.... and can we expect the continuity of the programme to be destroyed by a number of "When we come back...." and "After the break..." interruptions (not to mention those accidental breaks that occur on Sky News? A better name for the channel would be Sky "Appeasement" in anticipation of a change in gubbamint.

At 24/11/12 10:47 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Phil . Hahahaha ! Indeed and dead on the money .

You know ....

Aww . I don't actually know much .
But what I do know get's me further into trouble , both real and imaginary .

The problem the Social Media will be for the MSM is that since the MSM is not much more than a covert misinformation machine just to keep us consumers , consuming ( which in itself is extremely bizarre when pondered of an evening because , as someone pointed out that ,that's the logic of cancer cells . To grow to a point of self-annihilation . ) without interruption to the Machine .

If Social Media becomes so relied upon for information that [ it] becomes the place to where the masses turn for the reality of any situation then isn't it logical to assume the MSM have to become ever more clever at pushing the cancerous Corporate agenda while appearing to be for the people , by the people ? The MSM servants must writhe in their beds , anxious about finding new and improved ways to keep us lot guessing , worrying , fretting and worst of all , ignoring the machinations of the machine for the sake of ones mental health . Remember the ' Wine Box Inquiry ' and Winston Peters yapping up a gum tree ? A classic Machiavellian tactic . There were mountains of evidence to clearly show serious fraud and corruption but after Winston got through with it there was 'nothing to see here ' .

Now , I've noticed Tumeke being oddly at odds with itself of late . Bomber Bradbury's Auckland fetish is , to me unsettling . Auckland isn't New Zealand / Aoteroa . It's a cheap , plastic copy of L.A . Auckland is powered by borrowed money and unabashedly lavishes that on itself like a fat , lazy , greedy older sister at the expense of the greater family . And on that note , don't you worry about a housing shortage in the City of Sales ( No , not a misprint . ) . At the rate that worried people are leaving it'll soon be known as the Super Ghetto . ( Yes , I'm familiar with the statistics . Fuck the statistics . )

Therefore , I'm confused and trust me , that doesn't take much .

Why is a center Left MSM watchdog like Tumeke rimming Aucklands anus and yet weeping for the hungry children and heavily criticizing the MSM and is now sucking on anything Sky unzips from it's trousers ?

Are you a Machiavellian Bull Shit Machine to head off the dissenters and thinkers Tumeke ?

Of course I am far more likely to be not only wrong but to have just insulted a team whom I've grown to respect and hold in high regard much less it's supporters and so for that , let me apologize in advance . But why are my alarm bells ringing ? And it's not just tinnitus from too many noisy concerts either .

At 24/11/12 11:10 am, Blogger Bomber said...

It's an interesting situation.

Jim Blackman has been a community/regional TV champion for decades and has received little or no help.

Triangle TV has no frequency put aside for them by the Government when the switch over occurs.

Kordia have not helped. The Government has not helped. Freeview has not helped and NZ on Air have done all they can.

Sky has offered to carry the signal to a far wider audience.

Citizen A will continue to be available on the UHF frequency (until the switch over), it will always be available online and now it will also be on Sky. This is a first step until hopefully a change in mentality within the Government in 2014 when perhaps the signal could be carried by Freeview or a more serious attempt at a public broadcaster can be forged ahead with.

With the switch over next year, there would be no place for Triangle to be hosted - Sky has provided Triangle that lifeline.

It's this or no station.

At 24/11/12 5:23 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Hey BB

If you get into bed with them make sure you have fool protection. You will need it. You are too good to lose. KIA KAHA

At 25/11/12 5:22 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Yeah well ... You might also try getting your hands on some ' Keep your friends close and your enemies closer protection ' while you're at it .

At 26/11/12 9:07 am, Blogger countryboy said...

I may be straying off-topic here but I just have to throw this out there .

I was watching the News and listening too . I heard Shearer talking earnestly about his laudable housing projects for the future shelter of the collateral damage of greed and soulless excesses .It's easy to talk about spending money on the poor without actually spending money on the poor .
Then talk of the average house price in Auckland being at or above 500 k came up and I couldn't help but think ... ' Hang on a minute ? Who said houses were ' worth ' that much ? Before the earthquakes , we lived in a very small batch by the sea in a relatively wealthy suburb . I was astounded to learn that the value of the crib and about 800 sq m of sand
was at around 700 k ! I looked at the little house and saw 5 k's worth of second hand materials from any demo yard . The section had no real value at all . It was cold , salty and so was all but impossible to grow a spud . So where was the money in it ? I can tell you where the money was . It was in Fairy Land . Down La La Lane . It was in a psychological mechanism rammed down our throats by the media .
Why didn't Shearer broach that subject ? I know why Rawdon Christie didn't . It's because he has a new watch and has invested in a super-size-me pottol of hair cream for that wild , crazy guy in the convertible look epitomized by that little shit ... you know ? What's his name ? Ahh ...! Hang on while I consult the Net ...
Yes ! Mike Hosking . The 'Mike Hosking' look .
Moving on ....
' Why didn't Shearer broach that subject ? '
Because he wouldn't fucking dare ! That would untie the string on the sack containing a mongrel tomcat and a rabid dog which is the Cunliffe / Shearer power play we're witnessing .
The simple reason why NZ house prices are beyond insanity is because they're investment loopholes through which power boats , fancy cars , world trips and early retirements slip through . At the expense if the working poor and the unemployed and starving . Ask Shearer what he thinks of a hefty capital gains tax ?
NZ residential property values are being manipulated by an unholy coalition of banks , lawyers , estate companies , advertising agencies and the insurance industry . They're the ones who're creating unaffordable housing . They're the ones who pull Shearers strings . That's why I'll not trust Shearer and my jury's still out on Cunliffe .
I reckon Shearer is the last flea standing at the tip of the tail of the mangy , dying , old dog that is Neo Liberalism .
Make no mistake . Shearer's full of shit . What do you reckon Hone ? The NZ Labour Party is still under tight control of those few who's names the MSM dare not speak .


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