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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Banning Slater from the Labour Party Conference

There's an attempt to paint the banning of Slater from the Labour Party Conference as a major crime against the freedom of speech, what a load of crap.

Not even the Nats wanted him at their conference!

Allowing Slater into the Labour Party conference would be like allowing Hannibal Lecture to run a creche.

Slater is NOT a journalist or a commentator, he is a hate monger who espouses hate speech who was appointed by pornographers to try and turn The Truth into a casually fascist rag that will arouse the worst angels of our nature.

Trying to sight the fact Slater has hired Josie Pagani as an example of him being balanced is about as funny as it gets.



At 14/11/12 12:26 pm, Blogger Tom Thumb said...

Hahaha very good I want the organisers contact details so I can make arrangements to be on the door if the retarded tub of lard does decide to turn up. Don't bring gloves Slater we will sort it out bare fisted.


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