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Thursday, November 08, 2012

99 problems but Mitt ain't one

What did Romney expect when he messed with Big Bird?

So the polls were wrong about it being 'neck and neck' in America - when will the NZ pundit community admit the same about NZs farcical polls that claim nearly half of the country loves John Key?

I always suspected that unless the Republicans cheated, Obama would win. As disappointing as 4 more years of doing bugger all for climate change, Palestine or curbing corporate greed seems, that was preferable to 4 years of screaming horror under Romney.

Good God, imagine if that cypto-fascist Paul Ryan had some how been required to step up as President if Romney had slipped and broken something on one of his wives?

It's good to see rape denial doesn't have as much electoral attraction as some Republicans seemed to have believed.

If it's Gods will that children are born from rape, then it's also his will to stop the Republicans from running the country.

Most surreal moment in the election coverage was Fox News arguing with itself and Karl Rove over an Obama win. Poor Karl seemed to have a terrible problem contemplating a second term and kept claiming there were more votes to count. It was delightful to watch Fox in actual shock as the call came from other networks that Obama had won.

My other favorite moment was following Donald Trumps twitter feed, the Don seems to believe that Romney's job has been outsourced to Kenya. His wig must be on too tight.

I was hoping that Obama would enter the stage to Public Enemy's 'Fight the Power', but as most of us who were excited by his win 4 years ago know now, the military industrial complex runs the US, not the people.

To underline that, Senator Palpatine congratulated President Obama to say that he looked forward to working with Obama to find bipartisan funding for the Death Star.

So what can the rest of the world hope for under Obama? No invasion of Iran until 2116 and no re-invasion of Vietnam until at least 2020.

We have 4 more years of ever increasing drone attacks and very little push back against the plutocracy of corporations who really run America.

Obama faces a fiscal cliff with wounded Republicans looking for revenge and a neoliberal hegemonic economic structure on its last legs unable to compete with a rising China.

'Yes we might' is about as good as it gets in America.



At 8/11/12 12:02 pm, Blogger Pete said...

Nate Silver's Fivethirtyeight has proven to be remarkably accurate. It must be remembered that the electoral college can muck things up and votes have a different weight depending on the state. E.g. in 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college and with it the presidency.

In New Zealand, where we have proportional representation, individual opinion polls have much more weight. They are likely to be more indicative of the outcome of a forthcoming election, provided their sampling methodology is sound. The problem is that they can drive opinion themselves rather than just being a snapshot of the national mood. They can produce a sense of momentum and create a positive feedback loop for one side and a negative one for the other.

At 8/11/12 3:49 pm, Blogger sdm said...

Fox made the call before CNN. The problem with Fox was not the people making the projection, but rather the pundits not agreeing with the projection.


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