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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Youth rates - money for nothing and the cheques aren't free

The Prime Minister will let you drink like an adult, but pay you like a child? The bullshit justification for this is that employers need a hand to take on a 'risk'. This justification is a nonsense, this Government gave business the right to sack within 90 days, if a worker isn't working out, they can sack them no questions asked. They now need to be able to pay these workers less as well now?

With the 80 day right to sack and the ability to pay 80% of the minimum wage, sleazy bosses with no ethics will have a 3 month turn around for the lowest skilled jobs so that 20% labour savings become an entrenched tactic budgeted in.

We are going backwards while our inequality grows.

Youth rates can't help your ghost jobs John



At 11/10/12 7:36 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

I have mentioned this a few times here already I think, but this action is a desperate measure to counter the labour arbitrage that Western corporations in collusion with China/India etc have foisted upon the entire developed world.
Fair Trade is all well and good, providing it is in fact FAIR. In the case of China (for example) it most clearly IS NOT. China has engaged in both environmental and labour arbitrage, and we have championed it because it "helps our corporations".

Look this is very easy to explain. Why do we have a minimum wage? Why do we have environment protection laws? Oh, right, because we want to PROTECT our workers and the environment from EXPLOITATION!
So what have OUR Western corporations done? They have moved all their production offshore, where they can hire desperate people (that they often forcibly removed from their land) for $1/hour (or even day) and pollute the environment with toxic garbage OVER THERE with wild abandon. All with the blessing of our Government, from BOTH the left and the right. This is the MYTH of free trade.

We have a very good and legal way with dealing with this BTW: tariffs on goods imported from countries/corporations who partake in brazenly circumventing the laws of the very lands in which they wish to sell their product.

Any political party that allows companies to engage in labour and environmental arbitrage is NOT representing the interests of its voters (or the country). Remember this next time you go to the polls.


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