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Monday, October 01, 2012

Why isn't a beneficiary on the 18th day of a hunger strike not the main story today?

Harawira praises hunger striker
Mana Party leader Hone Harawira was at court yesterday to support a Kaikohe beneficiary on a hunger strike in protest at his treatment by Work and Income.

The terrible case of Sam Kahu, a beneficiary in a wheelchair who attacked a WINZ office in protest at their inane policy of refusing food grants until the beneficiary goes to a budget advisor highlights the reality of Paula Bennett's cruelty as social policy.

As Sam points out, he'd already seen a budget advisor the last time he needed a food grant and all the advisor could point out is that Sam doesn't earn enough money to pay for his costs.

Well done the Northern Advocate and Radio Live who have stayed with this story, but so many other media outlets have done nothing.

Sam on his 18th day of a hunger strike doesn't gain any attention from the mainstream media because he runs foul of their carefully constructed stereotypes. Brave Paula is fighting against dirty bennie bludgers and sexually promiscuous solo mothers, Sam in his wheelchair fighting pointless red tape just so he can feed his family challenges that stereotype, thus he is simply censored out from the dialogue.

Our poverty has increased while the richest NZers make even more, those on the bottom are being asked to do with less for an economic recession they had no hand in making. Sam's courage to refuse to be treated in such undignified ways is an example to us all.



At 1/10/12 10:04 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

I still don't fully comprehend why the MSM continues to staunchly support this particular government? What exactly is in it for them? They appear to anything but neutral (which is all I ask from them). I guess since many of the influential A-list journalists (and their bosses) are in the very, very top tier of income earners (i.e. the 1%ers), so lap up the bullshit John Key and his crony vipers say with their forked tongues.

At 1/10/12 1:41 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Nitrium . You seem to have answered your own question . Well done .

And ' Why isn't a beneficiary on the 18th day of a hunger strike not the main story today ? '

Because no one knows about it ?

No one cares ?

He's not a morbidly obese rich German with a giant Rhinoceros ornament ?

If he dies ? Result ! Strike that one of the Bludger List aye Paula , you fat ugly hypocritical cunt .

It's an experiment . The purpose of which is to see just how far THEY can go with US . ?

Give him the carrot picture .

Poor man . My heart truly goes out to you . Kia Kaha my friend .

At 1/10/12 9:11 pm, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

The problem with the journalism stock is they almost all come from safe, middle class families. As a recent journalism student (now on a sickness benefit) I noticed that only one of my class was from a working class background. While they were all lovely people who genuinely cared about people worse off then them they were on the whole completely ignorant of what life is like for others. They also were unable to view things through the eyes of people who are different to them.

As for money- while to top of the industry pays stupid amounts to good looking people or "personalities", at the bottom it's little more than minimum wage and most get lured away into PR where they can earn double.

There is an increasingly blurred line between editorial and advertising - in my internship the paper owner sat in on editorial meetings and I heard of and witnessed many stories being killed due to business interests or simply on the opinion of said owner.

This is a truly terrible story and I am shocked to hear it here first.

The desperation and frustration that has lead him to take such drastic measures cannot be underestimated. for the media to largely ignore his plight is disgraceful and shows how little care and respect they have for those struggling.

At 2/10/12 12:07 am, Blogger JonL said...

Country boy - I like your style. I also agree with your point of view. Keep it up.

At 2/10/12 10:19 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Thanks @ JonL .


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