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Monday, October 01, 2012

Why is Key flying to meet Corporate Hollywood?

John Key to unveil the new NZ Flag

I'm sorry, what?

PM's Hollywood trip will face close political scrutiny
Prime Minister John Key is poised for a whistle-stop visit to Hollywood, meeting studio executives against the background of international headlines over the Kim Dotcom saga.

...John Key, a week after apologizing for our intelligence apparatus illegally spying on Kim Dotcom for Corporate Hollywood in their trumped up copyright case against him is now flying off to meet the very same Corporate Hollywood???

WTF? Hasn't John Key done enough for Corporate Hollywood with his manufactured crisis at The Hobbit? Hasn't John allowed our spies to break NZ law for Corporate Hollywood? Hell, he even changed NZ law for Corporate Hollywood, why is he on their beck and call list?

If only the children of Christchurch facing school closures could pull Key's attention the way Corporate Hollywood can huh?

The whole trip stinks to high heaven and manages to add yet another startling layer to this Dotcom fiasco.



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