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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What's good for Tony Veitch isn't good for Mike Tyson? Only on #PlanetKey

Need to divert attention from the GCSB scandal and have run out of bennie bashing raw meat policy? Ban Mike Tyson! That'll block the headlines...

Trust claims it didn't support Tyson visa
The Life Education Trust says it never sponsored a visa application by Mike Tyson - which has this morning been revoked by the Associate Immigration Minister.

Kate Wilkinson announced she'd pulled the boxer's immigration visa after the Trust withdrew its support for his entry to New Zealand.

...hold on, what did Key have to say about Tony 'kick 'em when their down' Veitch when he defended appearing on his talk sport bloke-athon?

"He's a guy that's clearly made mistakes, and, in the end, hopefully he's learned his lessons from those. "There'll be lots of journalists that have done things wrong in their lives."

That's Key defending Tony Veitch - but that doesn't apply to Mike Tyson?

This is a joke.



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