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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What will redneck reactionaries do now Michael Laws is leaving Radio Live?

Michael Laws officially steps down from Radio Live - there is a God!

But while we are celebrating, pity the poor reactionary redneck NZer, now that their messiah has finally been pushed out of Radio LIVE!, what will they do?

Where will they go to hear thoughts on stopping beneficiary's from breeding? Where will they go to hear about stupid women who need muzzling? Where will they go to hear derogatory comments about every minority under the sun?

John Banks was sad, he tweeted, "it's not good news for media works that Michael Laws is leaving... he is their voice of common sense!" - which begs the question, how bat shit crazy is the MP for Epsom?

I wonder how soon will Michael Laws announce his candidacy for the ACT party?

Are, 'Is Michael Laws too racist for Epsom 2014?' bumper stickers too soon?

The issue for Radio Live is that if you are a right wing clown, you would listen to ZB over Radio LIVE. Radio Live need to chase Radio NZ listeners because they aren't counted in the radio ratings, this explains why Sean Plunkett is being placed on the station.

Problem is Sean is more right wing than Michael Laws, so it's the same right wing drum thumping that ZB specializes in meaning they are chasing the same audience pie rather than making a bigger pie. This dilemma shows why RNZ should be given Kiwi FM to recreate it into RNZ2. Live and ZB are always going to be right wing, they are never going to hire left wing commentators meaning the market is being ignored, if RNZ took over Kiwi FM (a frequency put aside by Jenny Shipley for the failed youth radio network) it could relaunch it as a liberal talkback station and recycle their own ratings base and compete against ZB and Live while increasing public broadcasting and funding RNZ.

That idea was loved by the RNZ board but not the CEO. The same CEO who ended up banning me for life from RNZ for criticizing the PM. It will have to be an idea to force through when there is a change of Government in 2014.

But for right now, we can all rejoice in Michael Laws minus a platform to spread his hate speech from.



At 25/10/12 10:04 pm, Blogger MCA said...

good fucking riddance!!!

At 26/10/12 12:03 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Ditto, MCA.

As for your banning from Radio NZ - they seriously need to grow up and reconsider your "non person" status.

Am liking your proposals for Kiwi Radio - perhaps with youth-oriented segments as well.

National's policies (school closures, etc) ate creating a whole new generation of young political activists pushed to the left. A "Kiwi Live" station might give voice to young people with a gripe against the guvmint, in addition to FB activities...


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