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Monday, October 01, 2012

The Police lied in Court over GCSB spying, who else lied?

The Police lied in Court over whether or not there was any surveillance other than their own investigating Kim Dotcom. We now know after Key's apology that there was the GCSB, what we don't know is who originated the order for the GCSB to illegally spy, when it really began and whether the GCSB as part of their mutual assistance arrangement with the NSA shared in real time through the echelon network at the the Waihopai spy base any of the Kim Dotcom intercepts?

It is not credible that Key wasn't aware of any of this, and it seems our intelligence apparatus is merely taking orders from Washington.

A Police State is one where the Police make up the rules as they go along to hold onto their power, does it concern anyone else in NZ that the only check to add balance and protect our democracy from the tyranny of the few is a retired judge who can't remember reports, quotes poem commentary as answers and has a staff of one?

Is the thin line between Police State and Democratic oversight that threadbare and devoid of substance in NZ?

Our intelligence service illegally spied on a NZ resident without any oversight by our Prime Minister with the Deputy PM running cover for him.

Who watches the watchers because John Key sure as hell isn't.

We deserve better leadership than this.



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