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Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Nation Review

The Nation: TV3

Rachel Smalley is at her best in this weekends show. She has mastered the art of talking over the guest when the guest starts not answering the question. It is excellent to watch.

Great line up on the Hobbits vs Sovereignty story. Jane Kelsey, Helen Kelly, Wellington Wonk and American stooge from the American-NZ friendly stooge society are on discussing us selling our soul to Corporate Hollywood.

Helen Kelly points out that the issue isn't Government supporting industry, it is why are Government only subsidizing this American industry at the expense of NZ jobs. Wellington Wonk jumps in and defends Wellington's extraordinary consumption of half a billion dollars in subsidies over a decade. Claims lots of extra local jobs have been created, Helen counters that 400 jobs were coming in from overseas and claiming that workforce is providing skills we don't already possess for NZers to fill is thin.

Interestingly Peter Elliot from Actor's Equity on The Union Report last week pointed out that they could no longer challenge labour the movie companies were bringing into the country. So total is the power handed over to Warners Bros, Actor's Equity can't even raise objections to the work force they import.

It's amazing how much corporate welfare we can support over domestic economic well being.

Jane points out the whole TPPA is conducted in a cone of silence, American Stooge murmurs comforting tones. Interestingly he comes to the show from Hastings. If America have wrongly targeted Hastings as a major center of NZ public influence, it's proof their intel of us as a nation is weapons of mass destruction quality.

Interesting piece on the demise of the Law Department at Canterbury and fascinating interview over whether or not Kim Dotcom can sue NZ.

Great show.



At 7/10/12 12:23 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

No Q+A review?
If you didn't watch it, you won't have witnessed first hand that dinosaurs aren't extinct after all.


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