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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Nation & Q+A review

The Nation: TV3 Incredible interview between Rachel Smalley and Hone Harawira. Brian Edwards sums it up best...

Hone Harawira is in my view the most effective political communicator in New Zealand...Have a look at Hone’s interview with Smalley on The Nation. What you will see is a quiet, considered, rational advocate for Maori. Chatting to him before the interview I encounter, as I have on previous occasions, an engaging, funny and, above all, warm personality.

In debate he displays not merely high intelligence, but a rare dialectical subtlety that he uses to effect. Hone is not easy to beat in an argument about race relations in Aotearoa. He has spent too long at the coalface, is too experienced, too sharp, too articulate, too driven by his concern for his people and his intolerance of injustice.

...great to see Keith Ng getting the just attention and admiration of the msm. The symbiotic relationship between bloggers and journalists continues to evolve and influence each other and it's fascinating to watch.

Ralston's attempt to follow the right wing meme that Ira some how had ulterior motives was smacked down by Keith as just bullshit Whale Oil is spinning. It's what was discovered about lax MSD security that matters, not Ira's motivations.

Great show.

Dr Claire Robinson is on, she's awful. Skipped most of the show, Mark Solomon interview - Q+A should have watched CTU Maori Vice President Syd Keepa on The Union Report discussing Maori Capitalism and it's need to change. That could have provided some questions that would have stretched Solomon.

He wasn't very stretched.

Shane Jones slapped Gareth Hughes around the head a bit. Seemed to have a pretty good argument that the 4 boats we have there fishing the Ross Sea is all that is holding back the hoards of others who would plunder the stock if we walked away.

Gareth's 'not taking a stand is like not taking a stand over slavery' response was disappointingly crap.

I say that as someone who is a big fan of Gareth. Jones is just doing such a great impression of a hard line National Party MP these days, he can combust idealism at 20 meters.

Pointless interview about whipping up public outcry over bail law.

Matt McCarton was good.



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