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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The delusion of Bennett - poverty matters Minister

See no poverty, hear no poverty, speak no poverty isn't a social policy Paula

Listening to someone with the limited intellectual imagination of Paula Bennett on the weekend current affairs shows constantly claim the issue of child abuse is 'complex' when challenged on why her ridiculous white paper into vulnerable children doesn't focus on poverty at all, doesn't really say much.

I sense that Paula Bennett finds TV remotes 'complex'.

It's 'complex' because the Minister had to look tough on child abuse without considering how much poverty impacts that child abuse. Paula's ability to redefine 'vulnerable' without looking at her Government's own role at making those children vulnerable by cutting their parents off from welfare under the guise of making them 'work ready' requires the sort of ethics that makes promotion in the Syrian Army possible.

Paula is demanding we focus on the 30 000 kids in direct harm, what about the remaining 240 000 kids in poverty then? Paula doesn't want to focus on them because poverty is the abuser there, not a violent non-biological father.

Paula's blindspot on poverty is politically motivated, so that it can't highlight her own Government's role in growing that poverty in 4 years.

How can we trust Bennett's data list of vulnerable children after the appalling privacy breaches highlighted by blogger Keith Ng?

The WINZ security collapse isn't a disaster, those occur naturally, this is Godzilla-breaking-loose-from-your-unlocked-lab type incompetence. Is Paula Bennett's password 1-2-3-4?

This is a Minister remember who exposed the private details of two solo mothers who challenged her closing of a training allowance that Bennett herself had personally benefited from. In light of that gross breach of privacy, Paula's wailing over MSD's latest privacy breach are crocodile tears

Paula is in denial over Child Poverty and her need to define children as vulnerable from direct physical abuse helps hide her own Government's culpability in making those children vulnerable by providing no social floor to protect against poverty.

The Minister is in denial about the problem of poverty making her conclusions over child abuse as worthless as internet security at a WINZ kiosk.



At 16/10/12 10:00 am, Blogger Arto said...

So the kids have to be living in poverty AND be suffering physical/mental/sexual abuse before they get noticed by Paula Benefit???

At 17/10/12 8:21 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

... Don't worry I have a solution? Maybe JT can take her out! ....and I don't mean on a date!! Haha!


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