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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shares minus

With the four horsmen of the shitpocolypse having appeared from the vortex to claim him, the PM is hoping for some more distractions. Today's post-Cabinet announcement:
“I’m pleased to announce today Cabinet made three decisions regarding our shares sales programme:
“First, the Government will not implement the Waitangi Tribunal’s ‘shares plus’ concept, or engage in further negotiations in relation to that concept, before the sale of shares in our energy companies.
“Second, the Government will proceed to remove Mighty River Power from the State Owned Enterprises Act. We will prepare an Order in Council for Cabinet and Executive Council to consider and approve on Tuesday 23 October.
“And finally, we will direct officials to continue to work towards a sale of up to 49 per cent of the shares in Mighty River Power between March and June 2013.”
The decision comes after the conclusion of consultation on ‘shares plus’ with Māori with direct interests in the water and geothermal resources used by Mighty River Power, and Meridian and Genesis.
Mr Key says the series of hui on ‘shares plus’ was part of the Government’s commitment to consult with Māori in good faith.

So that's all the "good faith" bullshit out of the way; now for the legal stoush:
Mr Key says the decisions announced today may lead to legal action from the Māori Council and others.
“That’s entirely a matter for them. From the Government’s perspective, it would not be unexpected.

And yet they say they won't legislate if the courts tell the government they are mistaken in what they are trying to do. We have to take them at their word!? There will be a huge backlash if the government reneges on this and tries to ram something through the house.


At 15/10/12 6:21 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

1 . NZ is now a Corporate Entity so normal rules no longer apply . It's Store-front still has a Union Jack flying from it and there are a few fern fronds desperately arranged in a vase in the front window to placate the beastly natives , but out the back . AIG now own the All Blacks for example and I'm outraged and I fucking hate Thugby !

2 . We have no government . See above .

3 . We have lots and lots of the most important things about life . We're a long way from everywhere else . We have lots and lots of lovely fresh water . We have lots and lots of fertile open spaces .

4 . There's feck all of us .

5 . Here's our future ; Beverley Hills-esque Stepford wives mating with Jonky-Bots in spa pools full of hot money . That's the new , New Zealand@Dot.Dot.Org.NZ.com/drone.over.wellywood/So_shut_your_gob_mate_or_else.org.nz/US$$$$$

At 15/10/12 10:14 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

They won't need to legislate.
As has been said several times before High Courts almost never make decisions which rule against governments over matters of law, when the judges are concerned that their call may put them toe to toe with a govt which is claiming it has an 'electoral mandate'. (see state of Tasmania Vs OZ federal govt re Franklin river)
And yeah I agree KeyCo doesn't actually have an electoral mandate but that won't be how the justices see it. Remember jonkey's famous claim that "perception is reality".
Some behind the scenes horse trading will have gone down months back, with the judges setting out a framework of the bare minimum the govt can do and still get a 'good faith bargaining' tick.

Considering the way that the vast majority of whitefellas behaved once it became apparant that tangata whenua were the only mob with the balls to step KeyCo out for a stoush, one part of me is hoping the damned sales aren't held up by the courts.

Even though I knew it was coming I'm still gob-smacked at the alacrity with which most non-Maori NZ bought the lie Maori opposition to asset sales was just about squeezing out a dollar for themselves.
Peeps who hold such a loathesome mixture of bias and gullibility really don't deserve to hang onto their assets.
Especially when the only fighting for their property 99% of the whitefellas seem prepared to actually commit to, is ticking a box in a far too late, distorted & emasculated referendum.
Natch on a good day I hope I'm wrong about this, but if I am KeyCo are truly the most incompetent bunch of pols yet to rule aotearoa - and that is really saying something in a nation that endured three terms of Keith Jacka Holyoake.


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