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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Right wing spin on the MSD security fiasco

The attempt by National Party online propagandist David Farrar and book burning far right god squad cheerleader Keeping Stock to spin the MSD security fiasco by attacking Ira Bailey as it's source is intellectually flaccid.

I don't care if the guy who found the security breach at MSD was president of the 'I hate Paula Bennett and will do all I can to embarrass her' club. It's what Ira revealed to us all that matters, not their motivation. Attempting to shift focus onto the person who discovered this jaw dropping incompetence avoids holding Paula Bennett to account for a system set up while she was Minister.

Insinuating against the messenger to avoid the message is cheap. Farrar and Keeping Stock have managed to cheapen that cheapness.



At 18/10/12 2:21 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Yes, yet another cynical ignoring of the real issues from National&co.

The thing that New Zealanders have to realise, is that when they vote for a party that gives financial support to those with wealth and in order to achieve this takes away from those without wealth, people in the latter position will stop giving their time away, as they do now, and start asking for money.

I fully support Mr Baileys request for financial return for the valuable information he was providing. It is an entirely natural thing to do in response to the current set of circumstances this government is creating.

At 18/10/12 5:51 pm, Blogger blondewithaniq said...

They are trying to do exactly what they did with Bronwym Pullar over the ACC leaks under Collins' watch.
Arguably Bennett's department have now compromised many more and made them vulnerable children or made some who already are, become even more so.They have also potentially put more women in refuges at risk too..
When IS the public en masse going to wake up here? When will they realise just how incompetent & injurious to ALL of our privacy and well being, these inept, moronic ministers are?
And when (if Orwell is God?) is someone going to accidentally take down the rightwing wind-blown-blogs too..
They'd really be wingeing about security then..

At 18/10/12 7:20 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ahh yes . The on-going war between good and evil . Hahaa ! Here's what I reckon .
The Digitals are winning over the Analogues .For the moment .

The analogues are all ' Hey man ... That's a wondrous sunset and might I say , you look particularly beautiful tonight . '

The Digitals are all ' Fuck man ! Is there good coin in that scene ? I bet I could sell an image of that on Ebay ! '

Of course the patently unlovable Judy Collins is going to blanch at excreting 30 k . Even if it's to keep her festering creed on top of the shit heap . It's against her DNA .

We're heading into turbulent waters and I can't wait to see what's next !

Perhaps Jonky stating ; " Aschully ! I did sell my boy to kidney harvesters . He was crap at baseball . And hey ! I got a great price ! '

What's that saying ? ' There's many a true word spoken in jest ' . Hahahaahah !


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