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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paula in Blunderland

Another privacy blunder for Winz
Work and Income New Zealand has been embroiled in another privacy breach after paperwork with clients' personal details were given to a Masterton woman.

Paula Bennett doesn't seem all that concerned about MSD security...

"You always hope something like this won't happen so it's disappointing when it does.''

...is her nonchalance really what the situation requires? MSD security seems so lax, I'm waiting for Whaleoil to post her list of 30 000 at risk kids online to highlight the evils of welfarism.

Paula's own lax standards of respecting privacy after being found to have breached it by the Human Rights Commission sets the tone for the Ministry. If the Minister doesn't give a toss about privacy, neither will the Ministry

How Paula can ensure the 30 000 at risk kids data base will be secure when the MSD is currently shuddering from security lapse to security lapse in a manner that makes ACC look like Fort Knox isn't clear.



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