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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Now Bill English can't remember Kim Dotcom

You can't make this shit up.

Hours after John Key admitted he lied, TV3 are now reporting that Bill English can't remember when he was first told of the spying on Kim Dotcom either.

Key forgets briefings, Banks forgets donations, English can't remember anything - is Kim Dotcom some kind of memory black hole?

This entire fiasco makes everyone involved look either incompetent or corrupt, how the GCSB have been allowed to collude with the NZ Police to illegally spy on NZers should be the number one concern of everyone involved rather than this bullshit 'I know nothing' routine that everyone now seems to be mouthing.

This matters because it cuts to the very heart of the power of the State vs the individual. Some NZers reared up on their hind legs and screamed 'Nanny State' when Government removed the defense of discipline for those parents taken to court for bashing their kids. That was considered a vast over stepping of the role of the Government, well here we have all the intelligence and policing apparatus of the state breaking laws and illegally spying on residents, no whimper from those same voices who were so concerned about the power of the State infringing the individual rights now are there?

Key is lying and he has lied through out this fiasco. Flying off to Hollywood to meet his corporate masters who are behind the case against Dotcom isn't much of a look either is it?

If NZ re-elects John Key it will be masochism masquerading as democracy



At 4/10/12 8:45 am, Blogger chinook said...

Isn't lying to Parliament an actual crime ?? I know pollies do it routinely, but on such a serious issue isn't there SOMETHING that can be done ??

At 4/10/12 9:22 am, Blogger Kingi said...

The bastards will just try to stare down the opposition and any public scrutiny. Key will adopt his cold eye look and the mask will go up and they will all just hope it dies down. Sadly for them, it ain't gonna. Aotearoa deserves better than this corrupt and inept bunch who are bleeding us dry while lining their pockets and those of their corporate mates. Can't wait for the actual movie... and it won't be directed by Peter Jackson!

At 4/10/12 10:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Chinook . Not remembering is not lying . That's why they can't remember , it's because they're lying . Mind you , saying you can't remember when in fact you can ... Now , that's lying . No wonder the Dipton Dribbler's looking confused . Suddenly having an attack of the vagues is an ancient liars technique and has been around for centuries . Hahaha ! God , I'm really enjoying this . Super-rich , dirty , mangy little scum getting caught out . All you single parents out there who've been caught shop lifting to feed your kids should be watching with a twinkle-sparkle in your hearts right now .
Imagine what a Royal Commission of Inquiry might find ? Might it find our missing billions ?

I know I bang on about this but honestly , it's like an itch between my shoulder blades and I'm perhaps veering off topic here but I can't help myself . Seriously ! I can not help myself .

NZ's economy is suddenly fueled by cowsploitation right ? Since Fontera has stained our waterways green , our country is equally suddenly able to weather out a global financial shit storm by being a financial ' sweet spot ' thanks to high commodity prices . Well , what about the last seventy years ? What happened during those years of even higher agricultural production output and feverish exporting ? You know , the exporting that built the NZ that our advertising media like to have us to get all misty eyed about . Quaint shops and cute pubs in small towns which also sport significant public buildings now craft shoppes or are derelict and decaying . Pig muldoon thought BIG and pulled up the rail lines to our hinterland as fete accompli to nourish the idea that agriculture was irrelevant even though he heroically championed the farmer albeit them seemingly a lost cause . Irrelevant .
It's interesting to read about the man who supported muldoon . Sir Keith Holyoak . Looking back at such a splendid fellow with a list of commendations such as the KG,GCMG,CH,QSO and the luminous KStj ( ? )
What a fine gentleman so he would seem ...So, where's our fucking money then keith ?
There's as much reading between the lines as is actually written here . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Holyoake
Holyoak was a liar . Muldoon was a liar and they played out a grand swindle .A swindle that's laid waste to our New Zealand / Aotearoa .

Liars are nothing new in politics where large amounts of YOUR money is circulating . What is new however is this media . The Internet . When they starting shutting the Net down they'll have to have tanks in the streets . ( God ! I suddenly had that image of a tank covered in advertising logos ( http://wallpaperswa.com/Technology/Advertisement/war_guns_military_tanks_iraq_advertisement_1920x1200_wallpaper_26407 )

At 4/10/12 2:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

English also forgot he owns a HOUSE, when it suited him with regard to expense claims.


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