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Saturday, October 27, 2012

New labour laws a declaration of war on Unionized labour

Let's be very clear that the next round of industrial laws are nothing short of an idealogical attack on working people in the exact same vein of triumphalism that saw National and ACT kill off compulsory student union membership.

Weakening unions even further is social madness when you look at our current soaring inequality rates. Unions are the only effective mechanism to force wages up, when they are weak, social inequality is the result.

We need to be strengthening unions now, not removing the few teeth they have left remaining.

Allowing the boss to walk away from negotiations makes good faith bargaining more faith than good. If Ports of Auckland could have walked away from the table and sacked everyone, they would have by now. They are forced to the table by the process, if these new laws pass, every boss can waltz through negotiations with every intention of walking away at the first possible opportunity.

Restricting union access to workplaces is a further strangulation of unions ability to recruit members, it's a naked attempt at killing off membership altogether.

NZ was recently ranked 3rd by the World Bank for ease of doing business so any claim by employers that restrictive unions are crushing entrepreneurial free spirits is simply the warped imagination of hard right mythology.

With the 90 day right to sack and slave youth rates, bosses have more power and more ability to misuse that power than ever before. To hand them even more power makes the process of negotiation utterly one sided and blatantly anti worker.



At 28/10/12 2:56 am, Blogger Best Business Brands said...

New labour law . I am working as a nurse in a dental clinic for the last 2 months and my residence is article 22 (family visa). The management now wants to change my ...

At 28/10/12 7:36 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Best Business Brands . How did you get that nice blue font ? And what does management want to change ...

Oh ! I see . Clever .

Have you watched the TV series ' Boardwalk Empire ' ? Every answer lies therein . Just take out the good , honest violence and gun play and replace them with psychological head-fuckery and you have all the answers .


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