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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New Kim Dotcom revelations??? Are you kidding?

And just when you couldn't imagine this story giving us any more to have our jaws swing open for, new revelations today that the 5 other country's involved in the echelon spying network run out of the Waihopai spy base, ALL MET 2 days before Key announced the inquiry into Kim Dotcom...

World spies in NZ only days before Dotcom bolt
The world's most powerful spies are believed to have met in Wellington just two days before Prime Minister John Key announced an inquiry into illegal snooping on Kim Dotcom.

The intelligence alliance of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - known as Five Eyes - regularly meets across the globe.

The Dominion Post understands the agencies met on the weekend of September 15 and 16. Mr Key was in Auckland meeting US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta that weekend.

...for those unaware, Nicky Hager exposed NZ's involvement in the Echelon spy network in his first book, Secret Power - New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network - it shows how we allow the NSA through the GCSB to effectively spy on whomever they like whenever they like.

The question still stands, did the GCSB give any of the illegal intercepts to the NSA? We know, thanks to some amazing work by the Scoop team yesterday that the FBI watched the Dotcom raid in real time via GCSB TV...

Key, Dotcom and Hollywood
Monday, 1 October 2012, 1:21 pm
Article: The Scoop Team

When New Zealand police raided Kim Dotcom’s mansion on Friday 20 January they were being watched by one of their colleagues 14,000km away in Washington D.C. — courtesy of GCSB-TV.

Detective Superintendent Mike Pannett, the New Zealand Police Liaison Officer in the United States, monitored “termination activities” against Dotcom’s Megaupload operations in nine countries from the FBI’s Multi-Agency Command Centre. Created by the FBI’s Law Enforcement Online (LEO) network in 2002, the Virtual Command Centre (VCC) enables enforcement agencies to post, track and spread information in a quick, secure environment.

Fed from multiple inputs in the field, the VCC exists on a secure system for any designated audience members online, the same technology that delivered video of Osama bin Laden’s assassination in Abbottabad to screens watched by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The GCSB’s value to police in the Dotcom raid was its expertise in managing top-secret data feeds so that New Zealand, at the centre of the FBI’s global move against Dotcom only because he chose to live here, could hold its own in the international law enforcement community.

...so the question remains, did the GCSB share illegal spying to their NSA masters and who really initiated all of this in the first place?

John Key's constant denial that this is all one big illegal conspiracy masterminded by the American's would carry a hell of a lot more authority if we didn't keep getting new daily information suggesting that it was in fact one giant illegal conspiracy masterminded by the American's!

This story is far from over.



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