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Thursday, October 18, 2012

National Party MPs to pay $30k each for National Party election war chest

Collins angry. Collins smash. Collins don't wanna contribute $30 000

In a sign of how desperate the National Party fundraising situation has become, National Party HQ has asked each of its MPs to cough up $30 000 each as a personal contribution to the National Party election war chest.

Any Journalist who doubts this should simply ask Judith Collins if the donation request is true because she apparently is the MP who is most angry about having to pay it.

As Manufacturers and Exporters leave National in droves towards any opposition Party who will change the free market economic environment they are trading in, Joyce's private crony capitalism model has locked out many businesses and pushed them into the arms of National's political enemies.

Hitting up their own MPs to the tune of $30k each shows how damaging National's status quo positioning has caused their ability to raise funds. I can also imagine many National MPs grumbling about contributing $30k when John Key has over $50million.

It will be interesting to see Judith Collins response to this.



At 18/10/12 7:27 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Is this story for real? If so, National is plumbing new depths. I guess on balance it is worth it, 'cos you make that much plus some when in Government. Very cynical politics.

At 18/10/12 9:34 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

It will be interesting to see Judith Collins response to this.

My response is quite interesting .

That soulless , artless , fuckless old slag has $3o k that she can argue about ! ?

Steven Joyce , once seen makes me want to violate a bus stop in his honour .

Please read a long scream here [ .................. ]

At 18/10/12 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What’s the source for this? Demonstrates how hollow the National Party love fest opinion poll results must be.

After f**king up this country since re-election with their blitzkrieg of right wing jive turkey shit, perhaps now they’re facing their Stalingrad if they’re desperately planning to hunker down to combat another election this short in the game. Can we expect an early election due to a looming super scandal on the horizon?

How about Key’s brain fades, that guy should seek medical advice.

At 19/10/12 10:44 am, Blogger mickysavage said...

Wow if true this is $1.8 mil or so. The flow of donations must have dried up big time ...

At 20/10/12 3:20 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I'm constantly surprised by the expressions of surprise over anything that happens under this gubbamint.
They don't have any powers of critical thinking amongst any of them. It's ALL ideology which is why Jonky and his used-car-salesman bullshit is going to come unstuck. What then............ Collins?, Birch?, whomever!.
It's a party that's been hijacked. Those with any sort of human intelligence just seem to be biding their time realising that to do anything else would be like pushing shit uphill. I eamn there's an Attorney General that has half a brain, its just that he decided to leave his balls at the Cabinet room door. It's actually a party of ferrals forever ready to pass judgement on the societal ferral behaviour that's emerging in response. As history will attest....they're playing a loser's game - probbly because they have this subconscious idea that they can take their accumulated wealth and faux-mana into the after life.

At 21/10/12 11:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If true, then this is big news indeed. National's internal polling must be showing more bad news than the MSM polls are showing.

If, as I suspect, the Nats are in polling free-fall, then like ACT, they've been abandoned by their supporters.

This is not surprising, as this was heralded last year; http://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=280&objectid=10763014


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