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Monday, October 01, 2012

Muzza's message of unreality

Muzza says:
Speech to United Nations General Assembly

Mr President

I bring greetings from the South Pacific.
Concerns about democracy, the rule of law and human rights are not mere abstract considerations within the Pacific.

These principles have been challenged in a number of states, most notably in recent years in Fiji.

In that respect I am pleased to report that progress is being made towards the holding of elections in 2014, and that support has been forthcoming to ensure that such elections are free and fair.
Progress is being made? To a gerrymandered poll conducted by the military junta for it's own advantage and now aided and abetted by NZ money. Progress? The support is actually to help the regime concoct a bullshit constitution to suit themselves. How can a legitimate, open and inclusive debate and consultation happen under the threats and intimidation and censorship of the military? What a farce that process will prove. None of the support will really ensure free and fair elections - and what is the value of those elections (to use rugby terms Muzza might comprehend) when one team doesn't have to throw the ball straight, can throw forward passes and has appointed the ref. NZ involvement is lending credibility to a dictatorship and no amount of glossing over at the UN will change that fact.

On Syria:
It would be difficult for me to overstate the level of frustration of the people I represent with the complete inability of the United Nations Security Council to act in relation to Syria.
... "the people I represent". So that would be the Americans then, but what is NZ's position?

On reforming the UN Security Council:
And it would be even more difficult to overstate the extent to which the Security Council is at risk of losing its credibility in the eyes of reasonable and fair minded people through its inability to act.
People in my country ask a very simple question:
If 25,000 deaths, countless thousands injured, and many more thousands displaced and homeless, is not enough to get the Security Council to act, then what does it take?
What does it take?
Too often we have seen the Security Council fail to make a timely response to requests for help – in Rwanda, in Guinea, in Darfur and in Somalia.
Too often it has been a case of too little, too late.
Well NZ was the Chair of the Security Council when the Rwanda genocide was taking place and NZ did nothing then, so why does anyone think the same American stooges operating this time round will be any better? Muzza is upset over Syria on behalf of the Western powers. He wasn't particularly upset when the Isreali's massacred their way through Gaza over Christmas 2008, wasn't particularly concerned at the repression against the protesters in pro-US Arab countries like Bahrain. It's a very selective concern: at the Western powers not being able to invade other countries more easily.
Many of you will be aware that New Zealand is an energetic candidate for election to the Security Council for the 2015-16 term.
You will hear more from us on these topics over the next two years.
We are a small country, with a big voice, and an approach that is fair minded and constructive.
NZ is a small country with a big ego, in total denial as to its colonial status, deluded as to its mythical "independent" foreign policy and bound by racial allegiance into doing the bidding of the US and the UK as part of the Anglosphere block of the Western World. It's not a big voice, it's a tiny voice and it speaks for someone else.

On Iran:
In his address to this Assembly earlier this week Prime Minister Netanyahu set out clearly the grave implications for the Middle East – and for the global community more generally - of a nuclear ‘break out’ in the region.
Like other Member States, New Zealand believes Iran must be told to step back from a course that risks a further dangerous escalation of the situation.
And we hope the international community will stand firm in sending this message.
In return, however, I suggest it is fair for the international community to make a request of Prime Minister Netanyahu.
And that is to put a hold on the settlements, at the very least while negotiations proceed, and engage in the direct talks with his Palestinian counterpart that represent the only basis for a durable solution to this issue, and an essential step in removing the seeds of wider conflict in the region.
While Muzza is putting in requests how about the most obvious bloody one: Israel must sign up to all the same nuclear treaties as the Iranians and subject their nuclear facilities to inspection. What about that simple request? Israel is being given a free pass because the US wants it that way ... and Muzza duly follows the line. Like so many staged walk-outs from Iranian speeches the NZ delegation's complicity is as transparent as it is incredulous. These sleazy trysts shatter the myth of diplomatic independence. If only someone would point out the utter hypocrisy of someone with a 110% nuclear weapons capacity/arsenal with no intention to be bound by international conventions lecturing someone else about reaching 90% and not complying with conventions. That person sure ain't going to be Muzza.

NZ may ultimately have to be placed onto the UN's decolonisation list. Time we all grew up, stopped the collective amnesia and gullibility and realised that NZ is not Aotearoa.


At 1/10/12 12:07 pm, Blogger Arto said...

Ha whenever NZ talks nobody is listening - the rest of the world knows that we are just a patsy for the USA. Our credibility got flushed down the drain years ago.


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